BLACKJACK LAND & CATTLE COMPANY: Trip to Equine Chircopractor

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trip to Equine Chircopractor

WAITING OUR TURN! Roo looks really worried about seeing the Dr.! When we first got there we were letting them graze alittle, while we were waiting for the Dr. But after about 20 minutes we all decided to go and wait out of the sun in the barn! Whew it was hot! So I guess he was taking alittle nap! LOL!
This afternoon me and the little cowgirl hauled with Mary to take Roo and one of her horses to meet the Equine Chiropractor. We took Roo in about 6 months or so ago and man did it make a difference. Hubby told me last week when he was working cows he needed to go again. He was not wanting to pull. This was the second time we had been to a equine chiropractor. Let me just say this, this man is awesome! Little cowgirl took the camera so she could get pics, so I have included a few of them. I think he was alittle concerned of all the pictures she took of our backsides! LOL! We were talking afterwards and he was just laughing about it! He said I could just hear her clicking the camera and then laughing! LOL! This has really been a learning experience for me. He is really good and does a through exam prior to starting the adjustments. He also gives them alittle sedative to help them relax and puts blinders on them. The first time when he pulled out his mallets I thought Oh my goodness, that is going to hurt!! But it doesn't, there is such a difference when he is done than before. Just like with us some horses need to have adjustments from time to time. It is not a scheduled thing, we just go by how he is doing. This time Roo was needing a adjustment in his hips, ribs, back and neck. It has diffidently been a neat experience for us and little cowgirl was excited she got to got this time and watch! If you ever need one I can say I would highly recommend ours! Thanks so much Dr. Le Wayne!!
Roo styling his blinders! Savannah said I have to get a picture of this! It was just alittle warm today, if you can not tell from the sweat soaked shirts and our red faces! LOL! **And as I am typing this it has started raining!**

Working on his ribs. And no picture taking would be complete without a self portrait! When I was downloading the pics I found several of these and a very nice closeup of some hay!


Rising Rainbow said...

I'm a firm believer in chiropractors for horses although I've not met one who uses mallets yet.

The self portrait's very cute.

A Bit Unbridled said...

Oh, she is cute!!!!!! Self portraits. LOL...I bought a 3 pack of disposable cameras awhile back for a project. I went in to get them a couple of days later and they were all used up. I was a bit irritated because I thought the hubby was the culprit. Got them developed and they were self portraits of my son, shots of Daisy (our 9mo border collie), and one really yucky picture of a booger!

Kids crack me up!

Nonna said...

Tell little cowgirl she did a great job at picture taking! I didnt know there were horse chiropractors! Thats neat and I bet Roo just loves getting the adjustments. I sure believe in my chiropractor!

RanchGirl said...

Wow! That is really interesting, maybe my horse wouldn't be so cranky if he had an adjustment! :)

Carroll Farm said...

We have really considered that for a couple of our horses.
The mallet - that is funny. :)
I know that my hubby loves to get his back done - so maybe horses enjoy it too.

Pony Girl said...

I have been wanting to do some chiro on my gelding. He is 14, an ex-reiner, and I think he has some arthritis. I got the name of someone and hope to do it early this summer, before we start the heavy summer riding! I have never been to the chiropractor myself, but know people who swear by it. I prefer massage myself! ;)

Linda said...

I love the self portrait!

Mrs Mom said...

Aaaahhhhh ... Chiropractors!!! They ROCK. If it were not for my Dr. B. and his magical touch, I am sur emy back would still be untouchable. Equine chiro work is fantastic too. Never seen the mallets in use though- that has got to be interesting.

What a cute self-portrait!! Savannah is a doll! And CONGRATS, Mommy, on her graduation from the Big K! (I shoulda checked earlier and passed along tissues to you....)

Hugs! And a High Five to your awesome little Graduate!!!!

Shirley said...

Thumbs up to horse chiropracters!I had a mare I wanted to show in reining and when show day came she was so cranky that we scratched her from the class. Turns out her neck was out so bad it was giving her a headache; one adjustment and she was fine.
I think Savannah does a great job with the camera!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

LOVE a good equine chiropractor. I rather liked the people chiro I had in AZ too.
I have used equine chiro on several horses and believe in it wholeheartedly. Saved a couple from the dreaded "one-way trip" and I finally got another one broke (after 4 years of trying).
There was a lady from Montana that used the mallets. I have heard the pros and cons of that method-but have no first hand knowledge.

Now I am on the hunt for a good one again. The vet I used in North Platte, Neb moved and the "touchy-feely" guy passed away. Both of them were awesome. You are so lucky to have a good one!!

Andrea said...

Fun fun fun!! I bet I have a few equine friends that would love to go and see your Dr.!! :) I love that last photo! LOL!!