Saturday, December 29, 2007


Well, we have done it! We bought another truck. My old truck was that just old and we have been needing another one. I have been the one dragging my heels about getting another truck, we have not had a payment in a long time and I was not wanting one! I also get attached to my trucks and have a hard time parting with them! But we found what we had been looking for and at a great deal, so we are now proud new owners of a '04 Ford 350 dually, 4x4. I do not know whether to jump up and down for joy or cry. I know we really need a newer truck, but with everything so expensive, it is scary. We have been looking for about a year, but could not find what we wanted. You would not believe how hard it is to find a Ford that is a 6 speed! I guess people do not drive them anymore!! Like my husband said this has God all in it. He found it about 2 months ago via Internet and I was wanting a different color and still dragging my feet! But it was meant to be ours and we went to San Antonio and picked it up Friday! Today we have already put it to work moving hay! We still have my old truck and will be selling it after the first of the year. I will say she was a great truck and definitely put in her time on the ranch!! We put our trust in God about finding the right truck and he provided. I am glad we waited till the right one came along. What a awesome God!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Story from our Christmas

The detail of my saddle, both saddles and Savannah sitting on hers!
Well, I will have to say this was a great Christmas! My husband had to work days this Christmas, so on Christmas Eve he gave us the present he had bought us. Wow! Let me just say I was so surprised!! He got me and Savannah brand new saddles! We had no idea that is what he had, I did know he was so excited about giving us our presents! This is my first very own saddle, so I was speechless! (for once!!) But, what the greatest part of the story is, is all the thought, time and effort to make this happen for us. He day works and was using that money to buy them and the thought behind it all, just blows me away! I am still so touched by his thoughtfulness and love he poured into my gift. He says it was no trouble at all and I deserve it. Wow! What a great husband! (He is going to get me for posting this!) But I do know how blessed I am to have such a wonderful, caring, thoughtful, loving, supportive husband! Thanks Honey, I love you so much!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Catching up!

Tyler parade Savannah mutton bustin at finals!

Well, we have been busy and alot of things have gone on that I couldn't blog about:( Husband's birthday, Savannah's rodeo finals, new horse, Christmas parade, new kitten, last play day of the year, school activities! Savannah did a great job on her finals the 1st of December. She won a buckle, rope bag and a vest. We are very proud of her. We had our last play day of the year at church and will have a awards ceremony in January. They are really alot of fun and fellowship. I have definitely grown in my riding and with my horse. We have a great couple who organize and design all kinds of fun games. We were in the Tyler parade. Which was very neat, as it was at night. So me and my friend dressed our horses up and went. Savannah rode on the church float. We had a great time. We had our church Christmas party, food, fun, music and lots of fellowship! The last day of school before Christmas break was a pizza party and book exchange. I am glad that she will be out of school, as I can have her all to myself!! We do not have alot of plans for Christmas, just stay home and enjoy our family time together. After the holidays I will get back to blogging and checking in with you all! Hope each and every one of you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


I have returned to bloggerville!!! I got my computer back today and am so excited! I have missed each and every one of you and can not wait to get back in touch! Thanks to my wonderful sister for posting about my computer troubles!! And yes, she is a great little sis!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy December!

Hello! This is Jennifer, again!

I spoke with my sister this morning about her computer. Usually when we talk I forget to ask, but I made sure to ask today. The reason it is taking so long to get her computer fixed is that a friend of hers is fixing it for her. He is working on it when he gets a chance, and they are bartering. I think it's smart to could cost a small fortune to take it to the store to fix it. So, when will it be fixed? She is not sure, but hopes to back online by Christmas! If you leave a comment, I will pass it on to her!
Here is a picture of her and her children!