Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Savannah had her finals in her KRRS series at our church on Sunday. She did a great job in all her events and we are really proud of her! Way to go Savannah and "Angel!" The awards were given at the end of the day~they received a buckle, rope bag, kids rope, trick rope, brush and several roping gloves. Waiting her turn for the barrels!

Silly girls! Lindsay, Savannah and Brooklyn~waiting for there awards!

Posing with all her loot! Way to go Savannah~we are so proud of you!!

I'll leave you with the video of her penning her cows.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


The other day Savannah told me she wanted to ride "Pedro." Okay, so she did and he bucked her off twice, actually she stepped off of him when he would start acting up, but anyway she did it. She was alittle aggravated he was acting that way. We took a video so her Daddy could see her. Yesterday she announced she was going to ride him again and he wasn't going to buck her off! LOL! The previous owner's son used to ride him a long time ago, and she was determined to do it herself. So we set out and she did a great job. She told us she got the buck out the day before! LOL! She rode him around in the lot for about 20 minutes or so! You can tell in the video he is just alittle stubborn! The 1st video is her riding him for the first time! The 2nd video is her riding him a couple of days later!