Friday, September 26, 2008

FAIR TIME~FIELD TRIP................

It's fair time! Savannah's class had a field trip to the East Texas Fair on Thursday. They did the Agriland exhibits and went through the livestock barn. The exhibits were really neat and of course she wanted a picture with the longhorn! We had a great time and I even got to get some fried pickles! Yum-O!! Hubby was off and got to go with us, he surprised Savannah as she didn't think he was going! After the fair thay went to a local park and ate a sack lunch and then played for awhile. It was a great day!

In the livestock barn with the longhorn! Posing at the park for a family picture! Which is a rarity for us, normally it's just one of us with her! I was excited, hubby not so much!

I'm a big kid and LOVE to swing on the swings! We have been swinging like this since she was little! Her teacher was giving out orange slices and look what she does with hers! LOL!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008


"Roo" has been at the trainers for 10 days, we were having some tweaking done on his roping. Hubby is wanting to team rope off of him and just needed a few adjustments. Well today was the day to go and pick him up. The trainer, him and his family are great friends of ours, we were talking this morning and he was saying he really needed to do alot of tracking off of "Roo." I told him we have been looking for a donkey to use for tracking, just haven't found one yet. Okay he says, we sat up a time and I headed that way. I pull into his driveway and he is leading a horse and a donkey. He walks by hands me the lead to the donkey and goes and ties up the other horse. Next thing I know he is coming with "Roo." He then asks me who I want to load first! What?!?!

What in the world is this?? Go to the trainer's to pick up your horse and come home with a donkey to boot!! He told me after we talked that they were not using this donkey anymore (they have a pony and another donkey they use) and he was fixing to haul this one to the sale. So he gave us the donkey! Woo Hoo! I'm so excited!! I've been wanting one to use for tracking as well on "Angel."

Nosey guys! As soon as I pulled up at the house, every horse looked up and knew something different was there! I walked up to the big gate to our pasture and let them check him out and do there prancing and things. "Preacher" was VERY interested and intrigued by what it was!

His name is "Pedro." He loves to have this spot on his head rubbed! He needs a good brushing and bath, nothing some TLC won't fix! Oh ya, hubby called when I was leaving Jim's and asked how "Roo" was. I said fine, he said what is it? I told him I don't know what you are talking about! He said I know you and Jim too well, what is going on!!! LOL! I told him and he was fine about it! Good thing since I had already left with donkey in tow! He already wants to change his name to "Homer!" Little cowgirl is going to be SO excited when she finds out!

I didn't turn him out with the horses yet, he is going to spend a few days in the lot. Let the horses get used to him. They ran him with there horses and never had a problem! I can say he doesn't like "Shelby" She went into the lot with me and he promptly ran her out! She was just staring at me, Like what did I do!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008


Savannah and Shelby playing in our water in the pasture! They were having a blast!
Down tree, going to see how bad the damage is to the fence~! This is at the back of our pasture.
Not bad at all~just 2 strands. So dad and his little helper fixed it! Of course I supervised and took pics! Tried not to get carried away by the mosquitoes! Holy cow they were bad last night!!

Our barn~the feed room side. Called and spoke with our insurance company this morning and they don't want us to do anything to it, until the adjuster comes out.
Harry's Building Supply in downtown Troup lost it's roof! Troup is out of school today as downtown still is without power. **Savannah went with our neighbor's to see them lift the roof~not sure were they are going to put it!**

Let us continue to lift up all the many families that were touched by Ike. My goodness the devastation that Ike caused is indescribable. We are counting our blessings and know how fortunate we were. I'm so glad to be hearing from all you fellow bloggers out there that was in Ike's path as well.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


We made it through Ike! We lost power yesterday about 1:30 and it didn't come back on till 8:30 or so last night. We played cards, read and had some great family time! We even had a picnic on the floor! The good thing about where we live is we have natural gas, so I could still cook and we still had the water. I would say the wind gusts got to around 60 mph, they were bad, we really aren't' sure what they were. We did loose 1/2 of our barn, the feed room half. So during the storm we were out there picking up feed and getting panels around it so the horses wouldn't get in there. The horses thankfully were not up in the barn at the time it happened. Thank goodness! We also have numerous branches, limbs all over the place. Hubby just called me into the den and on the news it was saying Troup was hit pretty hard, tons of huge trees down and Harry's Building Supply got it's roof torn right off. Thankfully none of the limbs, roofs had hit any other people, homes, etc. We were really blessed that it was just our barn and not worse. It is such a scary thing when you think about it. God sure did protect us and our animals. I'm glad to start hearing from you all that was in the path of Ike. Praying that everyone is safe and look forward to catching up with you all. We are planning on going to 2nd service this morning, we have ALOT to be thankful for. We also need to lift up all the many people that Ike affected.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Wanted to do a quick post. Thanks for all your prayers and concerns for us! This morning it was already drizzling rain and windy. It is around 10:30 now and it is a steady rain and windy with gusts I would guess around 20 mph. Ike is supposed to be right over us around 2-3 p.m. this afternoon. Right now they are saying anywhere from 4-10 inches of rain and windy with gusts from 40-80+. Oh and tornadoes and lighting. I know I am nervous about the whole thing, little cowgirl is as well. I don't mind weather, just don't like severe weather! Trying to keep a normal routine so she will be calm, as me too! I am hooked up and ready to load up if needed. Moved truck and trailer into the pasture to get it away from the trees. Horses are still turned out and grazing right now. Eventually they will be put up and monitored very closely. They are such great indicators on when the weather is going to get bad. And yes I'm one of the ones that stays with her horses! I've spent a many of hours in the barn! I'm glad blogger has auto save, because as I was just typing the power blinked off and then right back on. I'm sure that will get worse the closer Ike gets. I will be posting again as soon as Ike has moved on. Praying for all the many people that Ike has affected and will. Be safe and God Bless! :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Finally I got to go out and shoot my new baby! Got it last week and between the weather and just being plain busy, haven't got to try it out. We went down to our farm and set up a target and practiced some.

Here is my new Ruger P95 gun.

Hubby trying it out! He likes it!

Me shooting it! I will have to say it is sweet! Love it Mrs. Mom! It is very easy to shoot! I am going to have to practice and get used to the sights. But we are VERY happy with it!!!

I took my bow and got some practice in on it as well. Hubby went crazy with the camera! He insisted I put this one in!

I used to do target competitions with my bow before I had my Little Cowgirl. I love shooting it! Hubby wouldn't shoot it though, he said he was a cowboy and not a Indian! He shoots a rifle! LOL! I think he was just scared I would show him up! We had a great time practicing, would have shot more, but ran out of bullets! We also took the rifle and shot it some. Ya he said I jacked it up! Got a bullet stuck in the action! He said it will do that if you don't eject the shells just right, well you think he should have told me that before I shot it! Well, better run we are going to eat lunch with little cowgirl!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Monday, September 1, 2008


Not much going around here for the holiday! Little cowgirl is out of school today, but hubby is working! :( Planning on having brisket, pasta salad, beans and key lime pie for supper. Yesterday after church mowed the grass, it needed it bad! Wanted to get it done before we got any rain from the hurricane. Today rode "Grey" this morning and he did very well. Pulled 3 tires out of the pasture and worked on turning and facing as well. Hoping to get to rope off him in the next week or so, interested to see how he does. I have taken him to a sorting and he did okay, he doesn't have alot a cow to him. He is really coming along with the reining, working barrels as they are going to be at our next play day. He really is a natural at turning the can! Also did alot of loping reining exercises.

Rode him down the road to cool him off and came across the armadillo again! **So Chris (aka Frazzled Farm Wife) here he is!

What is it about getting a new manure fork?? They are suddenly really excited about helping?!?!? She told her teacher the other day her favorite chore was poop scooping! LOL!
Taking poop to our drop off spot at the back of the pasture. She loves going there with me, so she and "Shelby" can ride back in the cart!
Hope you all have a great holiday Monday! Look forward to checking in and seeing what you all are doing!