Saturday, September 13, 2008


Wanted to do a quick post. Thanks for all your prayers and concerns for us! This morning it was already drizzling rain and windy. It is around 10:30 now and it is a steady rain and windy with gusts I would guess around 20 mph. Ike is supposed to be right over us around 2-3 p.m. this afternoon. Right now they are saying anywhere from 4-10 inches of rain and windy with gusts from 40-80+. Oh and tornadoes and lighting. I know I am nervous about the whole thing, little cowgirl is as well. I don't mind weather, just don't like severe weather! Trying to keep a normal routine so she will be calm, as me too! I am hooked up and ready to load up if needed. Moved truck and trailer into the pasture to get it away from the trees. Horses are still turned out and grazing right now. Eventually they will be put up and monitored very closely. They are such great indicators on when the weather is going to get bad. And yes I'm one of the ones that stays with her horses! I've spent a many of hours in the barn! I'm glad blogger has auto save, because as I was just typing the power blinked off and then right back on. I'm sure that will get worse the closer Ike gets. I will be posting again as soon as Ike has moved on. Praying for all the many people that Ike has affected and will. Be safe and God Bless! :)


Patti said...

Thanks for your concern!! I hope you and your family will be safe thru all of this as well. So far we are just getting the wind gusts and some rain, I think it just hasnt hit yet! My daughter in Nacogdoches has been having it this morning. They have no power as of 6am this morning. Please say a prayer for them! Take care!!!

The Wife said...

I was so happy the storm was more east since we only got the outter bands. But I knew that would mean you would be getting more of the brunt! Be safe. Our power went out this morning around 9am but came back after lunch. We'll keep everyone in Ike's path in our prayers!

Plowing and Sowing said...

We survived in Bryan. It has finally stopped raining and we are seeing some breaks in the clouds at 6:20 pm. We have family in Nac. and so far they just have a few trees down. I hope ya'll fair well. Glad you know how to "hunker down".

Shallow Creek said...
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