Friday, July 10, 2009


I can't believe I've been gone so long! It has been crazy and I'm having trouble with our interent service. So I'm currently looking for new service, fun, fun! Why pay for something that is always down and you can't use?!?!?

Missed you guys! Hope to be back up and running real soon!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Savannah had her finals in her KRRS series at our church on Sunday. She did a great job in all her events and we are really proud of her! Way to go Savannah and "Angel!" The awards were given at the end of the day~they received a buckle, rope bag, kids rope, trick rope, brush and several roping gloves. Waiting her turn for the barrels!

Silly girls! Lindsay, Savannah and Brooklyn~waiting for there awards!

Posing with all her loot! Way to go Savannah~we are so proud of you!!

I'll leave you with the video of her penning her cows.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


The other day Savannah told me she wanted to ride "Pedro." Okay, so she did and he bucked her off twice, actually she stepped off of him when he would start acting up, but anyway she did it. She was alittle aggravated he was acting that way. We took a video so her Daddy could see her. Yesterday she announced she was going to ride him again and he wasn't going to buck her off! LOL! The previous owner's son used to ride him a long time ago, and she was determined to do it herself. So we set out and she did a great job. She told us she got the buck out the day before! LOL! She rode him around in the lot for about 20 minutes or so! You can tell in the video he is just alittle stubborn! The 1st video is her riding him for the first time! The 2nd video is her riding him a couple of days later!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Savannah & "Angel"

I think I've lost my horse! I took this video at her rodeo this month! She has now started loping and she just loves it! I'm so happy to see how much confidence she is gaining! I'm very proud of her and of "Angel!"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Last Saturday our church had a Pasture Roping at our preacher's house. I love going there, it is just beautiful and always alot of fun. Hubby's team rode in it and won 2nd! Way to go guys!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


It has been crazy around here this last week! This is the first time I've gotten on the computer in a week! Last Saturday hubby had a pasture roping and Sunday Savannah had her 3rd KRRS at church. Then my allergies kicked in on Monday and I was down until Thursday and to top it off she got the stomach bug too!! I don't know what kicked my allergies in, but I'm glad to be back to the land of the living! Look forward to seeing what you all have been up to, missed you guys!

Here is a video of her Mutton Bustin from her rodeo last weekend! She was so excited it wasn't a dud this time! Notice the huge smile on her face at the end!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Not so WW!! Hope you all are well, busy here, like it is everywhere! Count down till the end of school! We have some event every weekend, it's plum crazy!! Farrier came out yesterday afternoon to replace "Roo's" front shoe that he lost, so he could use him today day working. Well, he picked up the right front foot and he went down in the front end. Dang it! He checked his left front and he had a abscess~double dang! He has not even been limping! He got it open and draining, so that's a good thing. Gave him some bute last night and started Epsom salt soaks, as hubby has a pasture roping on Saturday he will need him for. So "Willis" earned him a trip day working today! Go "Wilis!!" Doing a horse demo at the school tomorrow for K & 1st grades Field Day. We are asked every year to do it and we love too! We love sharing the horses with the kids and teaching them about them as well. Hope you all are having a great week! Love ya'll!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


"Shelby's" back safe and sound at home! Hubs picked her up on his way home from work this morning. He called and told me she was p*ssed at him and wasn't giving him the time of day! LOL! Of course he is the one that dropped her off on Tuesday! She came in the door of the house and straight in to my lap for a solid hour! I think she may have missed me! Just got through giving her a bath and cleaned up. She has been in a pen outside with him for 5 days! I told hubby she probably thought she was in h*ll! She is used to sleeping inside, normally in the bed! I'm glad to have her back and will keep you all posted! And to answer PG~the normal gestation for a dog is 60-62 days. Hopefully real soon we will be posting some puppy pics!

Off to get ready for tomorrow, it is our play day after church. They are calling for rain, but I hope it holds off as Savannah really wants to ride! Have got to get hubby's dinner ready for tomorrow, as he is working nights.

I wish each and every one of you mom's~HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! Love ya'll and hope you are having a blessed weekend!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Man I miss this! I miss my girl being here with me! Nothing has happened to her, she is away getting bred to our friend's Hanging Tree Dog~Chuck! Hubby dropped her off on Tuesday and was supposed to pick her up this evening and bring her home. Well, he called this afternoon and said they wanted to keep her until Saturday to increase her chances of being bred.

Okay I guess I can/will have to live with that! Little Cowgirl wasn't real happy when I told her it would be another few days before she came back!! She does everything with me and I have missed her bunches the last few days! She is such a great companion! Who couldn't love that face!??! Needless to say we will be counting down the days till we can go get our girl!! Miss ya "Shelby" & love you bunches!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

We had a Sort & Doctor event at church last night. You had to sort 3 head and rope the 3rd. And our team took 1st! Way to go guys! We had alittle trouble on the ground, but still got it done. Normally what happens when hubby and I ride together is not good! I swear it's like we can't win when we ride together! We have been getting better though! It was a great time and I was glad the weather held off to have the event. We are supposed to be having Church in the Dirt this morning, but it is raining now! Hope you all have a blessed Sunday!

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Happy Birthday Doddlebug! My baby girl turns 7 years old today! My goodness where has time gone? Seems like she was just a baby not too long ago! She will be a 2nd grader next year!
She is such a blessing to us and we love her so very much! She has a huge heart and a great personality. She has made us very proud of the young girl she is becoming!

Happy Birthday ~ Doddlebug!! Love you!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Okay, I think I finally got them all uploaded to Blogger! Goodness gracious! There are videos of her doing each event~Barrels, penning, goat roping/flipping/branding and Mutton Bustin! Better go out and check everyone as the weather is supposed to get pretty bad this evening with storms and such. Hope you all had a great Monday! :)

2nd KRRS

Yesterday was Savannah's 2nd KRSS series at our church. The events were: barrels, penning, goat roping/flipping/branding and Mutton Bustin'. She did a great job yesterday, we are so very proud of her!

**I guess I'm going to have to load each video seperately! For some reason they will load, but when I go to publish I keep getting a tag error! UGH!**

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


A couple of weeks ago our church held a Buck Wild Rough Stock Challenge. We parked next to the cow truck. Well I had told her she could play but she needed to stay in the area we were in. I looked up and couldn't find her. So I walked to the truck and trailer to see if she was playing there, nope not there either! Okay, I look over at the cow truck and hear giggling! I called her name, I get a yes mam! Busted, she was playing in the cow truck! She comes up to the door and sits down for her picture and then looks at me and says~ "Mom, this is totally awesome!" She loved getting to look around inside the truck! Let me tell you she can pick out a cow truck a mile away! Her Dad has thought her all bought them, as he used to drive one! One will pass and people are ugh~the smell and she'll say "Smells like money!" LOL! I love my little cowgirl!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Well Hannah Montana has hit our house hold! Let me start by saying she had never watched HM before December. We just got Dish late December and she started asking to watch the show. I watched it with her a couple of times and was impressed with the actual "G" rating and thought it was a cute show. So when Hannah Montana the movie came out on the 15th of this month, We had a mother/daughter night and went and saw it! I will say, I LOVED the movie, as she did too! And it to was a actual "G" rating, that is truly hard to find these days.

So with all that she has been asking for some HM clothes. I found this little number on the clearance rack at Walmart for $3.00~arm gloves and all! She was so excited!
This is her modeling her outfit this morning before school!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Still here~

I'm still here! Goodness gracious, it has been crazy busy around here! Missed you all and posting! Been catching up with you all this afternoon. Glad to be back and hopefully I won't be gone that long again! Love you guys!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Awww~how sweet!

Caught them sharing a moment after she ran "Dragon" through the sale last Saturday!

Daddy and his "Baby Girl!"

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Oh my goodness, I think I actually got a video to post! Woo Hoo! It only took about 30 minutes for Blogger to load! This is her showing the goat at the sale on Saturday!


The Cherokee County Livestock Show was this past Friday and Saturday and Savannah got to show a goat in it. Our friend's daughter dislocated her shoulder the week prior to the show and wasn't able to show. So we went through the proper channels and got the okay for Savannah to show the goat! She was so excited, she just loves "Dragon!" So Wednesday night I went to the ag barn and clipped him and did all this during a massive thunderstorm! Savannah kept saying we are going to blow away! LOL! Took him Thursday got him registered and weighed in! Friday morning goats were at 8 am!

She did a great job with him, he can be a handful at times, but she handled him very well! And we have a red ribbon, we made the sale! She was so excited~!

After she was done showing she wanted to go check out the other animals! Imagine that 1st off was this sweet little heifer "Precious!" She was so soft and a sweetie! Savannah was just talking away to the girl that owns her!

And of course we found a friend from school that was showing bunnies! She just had to hold one!

**Edited with the sale photo, this picture goes to the buyer of the goat! I took this one with my video camera! I got the videos imported to the computer, now just to figure out how to get them to blogger! Well try to get that done!**

**Hubby got me a early birthday present a video camera and I taped her showing and at the sale, just now have to figure out how to post one!**

Monday, March 30, 2009

I NEED TO SLOW DOWN.............

First off, I've missed you guys! Last week was crazy with school's fundraiser in the mornings, trimming goats for the show, Livestock Show Friday and Saturday and helping with a event at church on Sunday. I thought this morning I'll catch up and post pics and things. Well wrong! Go out to feed this morning and "Roo" is laying down, odd since he hardly ever lays down. He didn't eat and as soon as I turned him out he layed down. Damn, he is either colicing, tied up or impacted. Catch him, tie him up. Run to the house, wake up child, hook up truck and trailer and head to the vet~did all that in record time! He had a slight impaction, thankfully we caught it early, he oiled him and gave him some meds. We got back home late this morning and have been horse watching all day. About 3 we had our first small poop! I've never been so glad to see poop I tell ya! I can already tell he is feeling better, he will stay up tonight with only hay and water. And he said we could start him back on feed tomorrow! Thank goodness! I know I'm drained! I promise I'm going to post and pop in and visit! Hopefully tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009


"Willis" turns 4 years old today. Born Decked Out Bueno on March 14, 2005. Sire~Seeking Our Star, Dam~Cragers Poco Mary. On the top side he has Dude Wimp Bar Deck, Miss Nifty Zipper, Dark Moon Chic, King Wimp Wickee, Go Zipper, Miss Nifty Bars. On the bottom side he has HQH Poco Joe, Poco Marabel, Poco Papacita, Divides Cinder Ann, Poco Bueno 2 and Miss Marabel. Him and "Angel" are half brother and sister~same Sire different Dams. We bought him from Stoney and Leah Burke of Burke Quarter Horses in Frankston, Texas. He is currently in training to become a heading horse, but I want to make him a all around horse as well. So he gets hauled everywhere to every kind of event. Exposure is so good on a young horse. He has been a pleasure to ride and I'm learning alot about training colts. I have high hopes for this horse and think in a couple of years we will be a force to be reckoned with!
March Play Day first time jumping~did a great job and didn't knock it over! Woo Hoo!

Every time after I ride he will roll!

Self portrait! He still has such a baby face!

Tracking and roping practice!
Waiting his turn at the March Play Day

Thursday, March 12, 2009


We finally got the possum that has been hanging out here! It started about 2 weeks ago, it was about 9 pm and Shelby was going crazy in the house~barking, running around. So I let her out and then she ran out and started barking~I knew she had something. So I grabbed my pistol and flashlight and out the door I went. I came around the side of the house and saw she had cornered something, I flashed over and it was a possum, it was making a hissing type sound. That is the first time I've every heard one. So I kept trying to call her back so I could shoot it. But every time I moved, she moved in between me and the possum, she was protecting me. Finally she ran it off. Well for a couple of days nothing, then she started getting really irritated and getting into our bathtub. Crazy dog, but I guess it was getting under the house and she could smell it in there! We came home tonight and I fed the cat in the garage and was going back to let him in since it is so cold. I flipped on the garage light and opened the door, only to find a possum looking at me! Holy cow, he was sitting there eating the cat food! I got him cornered in the back of the garage and yelled for hubby to come with a gun! Any who, we finally won and got the little stinker! Maybe my dog will stay out of the bathtub now! Of course Savannah had to run out and be in the picture! Hubby said you can take a picture, just don't get him in it! LOL!


On Monday Tater wanted to go for a ride, so we loaded up and went down to the farm. We left out and rode some back roads and had a great time. Daddy went varmint hunting while we were riding.

On our way through the woods! Frosty~the white horse wanted to go so bad, he followed us all the way to the gate! And he was waiting there when we came back!
Riding the back roads

She was so happy she was in front!

Our gate man Tater! Thanks!

Savannah jumping a little creek! She did great, Angel is bad about jumping water if she can!

On the home stretch!! We had a great ride and no one was hurt!
**Since then the weather has been raining, cold and down right miserable! We have a flooded pasture! I'm so looking forward to spring!**

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Sunday after church was our monthly play day. The events were barrels, obstacle course, pony express and boot race. I was proud of Savannah she did a great job on "Angel", they did all the events.

Savannah taking the first can! She did a good pattern and even slow loped home! She didn't necessarily want to lope home, but "Angel" was coming back to me! She is in to trotting every where and is just alittle nervous about loping! We are getting there ~ she is getting her confidence up!
Daddy and "Roo!" This horse is SO super fast, I wish I could get him to have 3 nice tight barrels in a arena and go to a few races on him! At home he is great on barrels and poles, in the pen, not so much!

Savannah doing her back through in the obstacle course. It was a fairly easy obstacle course: ride to the middle of the pen, lope a circle around a cone, come to the back through, go to cone and pick up tennis ball and take to next cone and drop off, 2 jumps and pick up tennis ball and place on cone, come home.

Me and "Willis" on the obstacle course! I had just picked up the tennis ball and was heading to the next cone to drop it off! He did a great job, was proud of him. The play days are a great training tool. He did a nice slow lope barrel pattern, but somebody forget to get pictures of Mom!

On the way home~the 4 goofballs in the back seat! L~R: Tristan (aka Nubbin), Savannah (aka Nanner), Kalihea (Tater's girlfriend), and Taylor (aka Tater)
**Would of posted sooner, but our Internet has been down for 2 days, just got it back up and running! I felt so disconnected!~next post Spring Break Trail Ride**

Friday, March 6, 2009


Alot has been happening around here this past week that has kept me busy and not having time to stay connected to you all! Nothing bad, just getting some much needed things done! First off been sorting through stuff to go to the dump and stuff to go to the metal place. It's amazing how you accumulate this stuff! Had someone haul off the metal things that have been here, that I wanted gone! Good check that off, then had them haul a load off to the dump, check that off! I am so glad that those things are gone, happy dance inserted here! While cleaning out the barn, there was a pile of wood, I lifted it and was moving it and came upon a nest of field mice! Well, I ask you "Who needs a cat when you have Shelby?" You don't! You know she killed every last one of them! And she did it in normal cow dog fashion, sort and cut them off and then take them out! LOL! Wish I had a video it was hysterical! She didn't eat them thank goodness, so to teach my useless cat, what he is supposed to be doing. I picked them up and came and put them in his feed bowl! Crazy cat, the dog is whipping you in this department! Been rearranging the garage to be more functional as a garage and feed room! That's what I've been up too! So excited that today is early release and little cowgirl is on spring break next week! Woo hoo! Nothing planned, just some quality family time as hubby will be off some of the time too! Double woo hoo! Happy Friday everyone!

Monday, March 2, 2009

1ST GOAT SHOW............

Savannah had the privilege to show a friend's goat this weekend at our church's 1st annual Livestock Show. She was beyond excited! Of course she has never shown, neither had the goat, but that didn't stop her! We clipped the goats Friday afternoon and left early Saturday morning for the show.

Her and Taylor (aka "Tater") getting there goats out so we can go register!
Weighing "Dragon"~she sure was watching them! His name is Dragon, because you normally have to drag him around. Luckily there was a goat in front of them!

Tater was fixing to give her some quick lessons in showing!

It was SO cold Saturday morning and this pen is either very hot or very cold! Hubby felt sorry for the goats and went and got some blankets! They didn't move, they enjoyed there blankets!

Savannah was in Class 4 of the goats and did a great job. He acted up once but she handled it great! She got 6th place and was excited. Both of the kids did a great job showing there goats, way to go! She may even get to show this goat at the next show!
The end of the day, we were waiting on them to finish showmanship, we were both tired!
It has taken me 2 days to get this post finished! Been busy and tired! Looking forward to catching up with each of you!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


When hubby saw this picture he said I had to post it and put~ Only missing Wranglers! LOL!