Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The Cherokee County Livestock Show was this past Friday and Saturday and Savannah got to show a goat in it. Our friend's daughter dislocated her shoulder the week prior to the show and wasn't able to show. So we went through the proper channels and got the okay for Savannah to show the goat! She was so excited, she just loves "Dragon!" So Wednesday night I went to the ag barn and clipped him and did all this during a massive thunderstorm! Savannah kept saying we are going to blow away! LOL! Took him Thursday got him registered and weighed in! Friday morning goats were at 8 am!

She did a great job with him, he can be a handful at times, but she handled him very well! And we have a red ribbon, we made the sale! She was so excited~!

After she was done showing she wanted to go check out the other animals! Imagine that 1st off was this sweet little heifer "Precious!" She was so soft and a sweetie! Savannah was just talking away to the girl that owns her!

And of course we found a friend from school that was showing bunnies! She just had to hold one!

**Edited with the sale photo, this picture goes to the buyer of the goat! I took this one with my video camera! I got the videos imported to the computer, now just to figure out how to get them to blogger! Well try to get that done!**

**Hubby got me a early birthday present a video camera and I taped her showing and at the sale, just now have to figure out how to post one!**


Mrs Mom said...

Go Savannah!!!!

Aww KDW- she is getting so darn big there! What a grand job she did, helping out her pal!!

Tracey said...

She's growing up to be such a beauty!

Glad she's having such a good time with all those critters. You may need to rename her Ellie May!

The Wife said...

Looks like she did an awesome job! Love the pants tucked in her boots. Girl after my own heart!

Pony Girl said...

She looks like a natural! She is so darn cute in her little show outfit! What a good experience for her. That little calf does look super soft....

Andrea said...

Way to go Savannah!! What an exciting day that must have been!! That little Boer goat is adorable!!

And Happy early birthday to you, hooray a new video camera!!

Stephanie said...

Way cute pictures! Pony Girl is right she looks like a natural! So cute out there in her blouse!

Anonymous said...

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