Thursday, March 12, 2009


On Monday Tater wanted to go for a ride, so we loaded up and went down to the farm. We left out and rode some back roads and had a great time. Daddy went varmint hunting while we were riding.

On our way through the woods! Frosty~the white horse wanted to go so bad, he followed us all the way to the gate! And he was waiting there when we came back!
Riding the back roads

She was so happy she was in front!

Our gate man Tater! Thanks!

Savannah jumping a little creek! She did great, Angel is bad about jumping water if she can!

On the home stretch!! We had a great ride and no one was hurt!
**Since then the weather has been raining, cold and down right miserable! We have a flooded pasture! I'm so looking forward to spring!**


The Wife said...

That does look like a lot of fun! I'm jealous as I sit in my office! Talk about RAIN! My word, I needed waders to get in my truck this morning!

Shirley said...

What'd I say about Savannah stealing Angel on you! She looks right at home on her. Wonderful to get out on a family trail ride. Sigh..... still a foot and a half of snow here.

ezra_pandora said...

I'm so jealous too. I can't wait for spring and maybe even a trail ride this summer now that I'll have a good year on my girl. How fun.

Andrea said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun!! I love Frosty following the group!! That is too cute!! The trail ride looked like fun. It just started raining here. Ugh.....But Savannah looks great on Angel, and the little creek they jumped!! Way to go girl!! She is such the good little rider!!

Mrs Mom said...

I wanna come ride with you!!! ;)