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Monday, July 28, 2008


On Saturday we had a ranch rodeo in Henderson that another cowboy church was putting on. The events were cowhide race, ranch penning, doctoring, wild cow milking and branding. We had a great time and did well. Had some bad draws on cows, but had fun anyways! That is just how it is when you are working with cows! It is always a great time of fellowship as we know a lot of the teams and get to visit and support each other! Another surprise was my Dad showed up to watch! I almost feel over, he thinks I'm going to get hurt on the horses, so he never comes! I told my team in the grand entry, please don't let this be the day I get hurt! LOL! I gave him my camera and he took some pictures. He didn't get alot of the action, but got pics none the less. It is hard to watch and get good pics! It has taken me years of tweaking it! Thanks Dad it meant alot to me that you came and supported me. Savannah had a great time hanging out with PaPa! Oh and he didn't get pics of the cowhide race! He said it was too fast! LOL! Just so you know I did have dirt in places I didn't know you could get dirt! But man it was fun!

Waiting at the line in the penning! You had to sort one head out and then drive it down to a pen at the other end of the arena!

Branding~had to get as many head branded in 2 minutes that you could! We got 2 done~almost 3!! You really find out how much your roper likes his ground crew! They had that you could either heel or neck catch the calves. Well, hubby heeled only, it makes it so much easier on the calf and your ground crew!

No rodeo would be complete without some face painting!!! They had a mock rodeo for the kiddos to do! Savannah had a blast! I came up into the stands to visit when we broke for the church service! What is that look I'm getting?!?!?! I really should have had him take a picture of how dirty I was!

At the line for the doctoring~you have to sort designated head out and then head and heel. Flank, take ropes off and mark there head, in 2 minutes.

Wild cow milking~you had one person horseback to rope and the other 3 on the ground. Everyone was saying they aren't going to be bad! They weren't until they realized they were roped! We got it done and I got milk! Once you took the rope off you better be moving, they were on the fight!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Been tagged..........6 things about me!

Well, I have been tagged by Callie over at MidWest Horse. The meme is to post 6 things about myself. Well I'm sure you all are so excited and can't wait! LOL!

  • I am a certifiable "germ" freak. Hubby swears we should buy stock in Germ-X!

  • I don't have a clean house! If you want that don't come here! Everyone is welcome, I spend way too much time outside to keep up the inside!

  • I love all kinds of music!! Country, rock, christian, etc. My MP3 has a wide selection of music on it!

  • I love to take pictures! I normally always have my camera with me!

  • I do not color my hair~I even have gray hair!

  • I love to cook and bake!

Well there you have 6 things about me! I think everyone has already been tagged, but if you have not please do it and leave me a comment so we all can stop by and see!

Also I have been given 2 awards and I keep forgetting to post them! I know I am a bad blogging friend!! Thanks to the ladies who passed this on, I truly have enjoyed blogging and all you great blogging buddies I have now! I would pass them on, but since I am so late, I think everyone has already gotten them already!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Saturday was a busy day we started off at a Invitational Pasture Roping and ended at a Barrel Race! This is the 2nd annual pasture roping they have had in honor of there boy's birthdays! It is always a great time and fellowship and food!!

Hubby's team won 1st place! Way to go Dickie, Lynn and Shannon! The big joke was the "geriatric" team won!

No birthday party would be complete without a good chaping! They got Micah first and then McCawley! McCawley was alittle smarter and saw it coming! *Barry Clower from RFD-TV was the judge and he was the one that did the chaping! If you haven't seen or heard him you are missing out, he is hysterical! Him, his wife and kids are such a blessing!*

Then we were off to the Barrel Race. I got 2 free exhibition runs, so I trotted the 1st and the 2nd I slow loped the pattern. The pattern was set real far back in the pen and tight, so I wanted to gauge my speed I would need. The 2nd run when I was going to the 3rd barrel I heard snap! I knew what had happened the snap on my right rein had just popped off! We finished the run and I stopped her at the end of the pen no problem at all. The gate guy was like you did that with 1 rein! LOL! She is a great mare I tell ya! Our run was clean and we placed 1 out of the money! When I ran the announcer said "Well lookie here she is running cans in a roping saddle, and by the way where did you get it?" LOL! My horse and one other were the only ones that didn't have tie downs on. I was proud of her run and we had a great time and supported a good cause.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Well hubby surprised me with a catch trailer! We both have been wanting one, I have since it would be easier to haul, more fuel efficient. I normally haul by myself and only a couple of horses! We have been looking and could only find 1 axle and he insists on2 axles. I agree that way if you have a blow out, you still have some control! We just put our 4 horse slant trailer for sale, we haven't hauled with it in over a year. (our dream is to have a horse trailer with living quarters for 4! But man they are so expensive-so that will have to wait & you can't haul cows in them!!!) For just one horse it is just too heavy! I have been hauling in our 30" stock trailer. When we are day working we have to haul the stock trailer for the cows! But for one horse or even two it is still too big. Our friend bought this trailer brand new in February and when we first saw it we told him we wanted first dibs on it when he wanted to sell it. *he is notorious for buying things and not keeping them very long!* We were shocked when he called Tuesday night and said he was selling the trailer. He has only hauled horses in it twice and no cows! He priced it too us and told us he would give us 2 days to think about it. We talked about it that night and hubby said I'm getting you that trailer, period end of discussion. It will diffidently get used and we will get our moneys worth out of it. I washed it up this afternoon and will haul with it tomorrow! This cowgirl doesn't want jewelry, clothes or other girlie things~give me something I can use with my horses and I'm so very happy! Thanks again Honey, you so rock!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Savannah is taking swimming lessons and she couldn't be happier. For those of you that don't know that is my biggest fear her drowning. Why I do not know, I grew up on the lake and swimming from birth. I know it makes no since at all! I will and have put her on a horse since the day she was born! In the past we really haven't done much swimming, so I had just taught her a few things, not very well. This summer we found a girl that she really bonded with and she started taking lessons yesterday. Her next lesson is tomorrow. Kelly is great with her and already had her going under water and going into the deep end. After her lesson I got in the pool with her and we swam for awhile. Kelly is the daughter of my good friend that was hurt when the horse reared up with her. Savannah loves Ms. Kelly, so I say a big THANK YOU to Kelly!! Here are a few pictures from her first lesson.

Teaching her to use her feet! By the end of the lesson she had her swimming underneath the water to her! She is still holding her nose. We have been working on blowing bubbles in the bathtub!!
BTW-Update on her mom-she is doing well. Walking with crutches-has been in therapy and doing great. She is going to have surgery in a couple of months for a bone spur that is forming. When I talked with her yesterday she was saying she has some slight pain, but not much. They think after they shave off the bone spur that help with the pain. Thanks again for all your prayers.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We had our play day after church on Sunday. The events were obstacle course, barrels and the ring race. The obstacle course you had to open and close the gate, back through the panels, drag a log, do 2 jumps while loping in a circle, cross the bridge and go back through the gate. * Notice "Shelby" is going with me!~hubby said she did the whole course with me! LOL *

The ring race~you have a sword stick thing and there are 6 rings you are trying to get on there. I got 5 rings in 20 seconds~can't remember hubby's score~but I do know I bet him! :)

Then we had the barrels~notice how wide I am on the last barrel~well that isn't how we normally run it~I had lost one of the reins~I was fishing for it as we were coming home! LOL! We still got it done in 19 seconds! **That is the great thing about being mounted well~I trust her completely and know what she is going to do!!**

FYI: I will be posting pictures from the Extreme Race and the finals from this weekend as soon as I get them! There were a couple of ladies that took pictures and I am trying to round them up from them. I can't wait to see them myself!

Monday, July 14, 2008


I'm still here! Just been busy this past week! Last Wednesday we went and rode in the Jacksonville Tops in Texas rodeo parade and did grand entry at the rodeo. We stayed and got to watch Neal McCoy perform. If you haven't seen him he is defiantly a entertainer! Early Friday morning we left to go to McKinney for my Extreme Race. We didn't get back until late Saturday night and then had a play day after church on Sunday. Needless to say I am exhausted! It was a great weekend though! I hope to have some pictures from the Extreme Race and the finals from this weekend and get a post on it! I am playing catch up right now with laundry, and other things! I have missed y'all and hope to get to catch up on my blogging buddies! Have a great Monday!

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


WARNING: You will be seeing the last few minutes of a moles life. Proceed with caution! What is this you may be asking? Well "Shelby" has been a very good girl! I know it sounds odd she is getting praised for digging up the yard! LOL! She is ruthless when she hoans in on one, and yes she chewed through the roots herself! She is a mole finding fool, lawsie me! She is so funny to watch as she finds them! And they tear up your yard faster than anything-tunnels everywhere. So yes, she gets praised when she finds them and kills them!

This is what was in the tunnel! You would think they would be cute little animals, but they are not! And they make a screeching noise! They really need a nail trim too!
Alittle play time with it! She would hold it in her mouth, then sit it down and watch it. When it would start to move again she would pick it up and shake it and then start the whole process over again!

Staring it down ~ "Go ahead and make your move!" I am ready! She is so focused!

"That's what I thought!" Dogs rule ~ moles drool! **okay I can hear hubby now~"Have you lost it?" I may have had alittle too much coffee this morning!**

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Well the last few days have been busy around here! We had some friends come in from out of town for a quick visit on Thursday. We meet them at a wonderful new restaurant at Holly Lake called Horseapple Creek Catfish. The owner and my hubby used to work together and he and his wife had wanted to open there own fish place. So this last year he quit and they have been working to get it open and running. They have been open a couple of months now and doing really well. We meet Blake and Teresa there and had a wonderful meal and fellowship. It was good to get together with everyone, even though it was a quick visit! Everything was great (we all shared our meals!), but my personal favs was the grilled catfish (lawsie me!) and the key lime pie! (holy cow was it good!) Of course we have been eating Vance's fish and fixings' for years! The man can make the best coleslaw I have ever tasted! So if you are ever in our area you would be missing something if you didn't stop by and try them out!

4th of July we went to Bar None Cowboy Church for a play day, homemade ice cream, watermelon and fireworks! The events were barrels, poles, speed race, goat tying, calf scramble. They ended the night with a awesome fireworks display! We had a great time and I even brought home ribbons in all the events! Hope you all had a great and safe 4th of July!

Heather (owner), me and Savannah Teresa, Savannah and Blake

Hanging out waiting our turn at the play day! Mary, Me, Taylor and Courtney! *Note to self: Taylor is so going to get it-what is he doing at the back of my head?!?!* Taylor is hubby's cousin that I haul everywhere with me~he is always wanting to go! I don't mind at all! And I always have a couple extras that just want to tag along as well! They all say I am the cool Aunt! LOL!

Running poles! There would have been more pics, but hubby was about to break the camera-he was so frustrated with it! He said it wouldn't take pictures fast enough. He tells me after this run, okay you are going to have to slow down so I can get pics! What I say!!? And you see there are no more pics~I have a need for speed people! LOL! The next events were all about speed, so he knew I wasn't going to slow down, he put up the camera! Poor hubby!

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