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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Been tagged..........6 things about me!

Well, I have been tagged by Callie over at MidWest Horse. The meme is to post 6 things about myself. Well I'm sure you all are so excited and can't wait! LOL!

  • I am a certifiable "germ" freak. Hubby swears we should buy stock in Germ-X!

  • I don't have a clean house! If you want that don't come here! Everyone is welcome, I spend way too much time outside to keep up the inside!

  • I love all kinds of music!! Country, rock, christian, etc. My MP3 has a wide selection of music on it!

  • I love to take pictures! I normally always have my camera with me!

  • I do not color my hair~I even have gray hair!

  • I love to cook and bake!

Well there you have 6 things about me! I think everyone has already been tagged, but if you have not please do it and leave me a comment so we all can stop by and see!

Also I have been given 2 awards and I keep forgetting to post them! I know I am a bad blogging friend!! Thanks to the ladies who passed this on, I truly have enjoyed blogging and all you great blogging buddies I have now! I would pass them on, but since I am so late, I think everyone has already gotten them already!


Mrs Mom said...

WHOOOHOOO!! Thats two of us in the grey hair club. I figure I have EARNED these way am I going to cover them up! LOL

Callie said...

Awesome 6 things!!! I can't give in to the grey hairs myself! LOL

Nonna said...

Congrats on the awards!! I had to cover my grey!! LOL It was fun reading about you!

Andrea said...

So, my house is a mess too!! I am outside way more than inside, so how does it get so messy??? One day I will figure that one out!! LOL!! Congrats on the awards!!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

LOL-should we start calling you Monk? Soooo, how does that work-being a germ freak and being around livestock all the time??? LMAO-Sorry, just got a mental picture of you Lysoling the horses-hehehe.

Pony Girl said...

Uh yes, the awful germs. I have become more of a germ-phobiac as I've gotten older. I keep antibacterial gel in my purse and use it when i get back to the car after leaving a store. Imagine the germs in those places! My one friend takes a can Lysol to any hotel she stays at and sprays everything down! ;)

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I would rather be outside than inside cleaning too!

I too have a few grey hairs and I am refusing to color my far anyway!