Monday, July 21, 2008


Saturday was a busy day we started off at a Invitational Pasture Roping and ended at a Barrel Race! This is the 2nd annual pasture roping they have had in honor of there boy's birthdays! It is always a great time and fellowship and food!!

Hubby's team won 1st place! Way to go Dickie, Lynn and Shannon! The big joke was the "geriatric" team won!

No birthday party would be complete without a good chaping! They got Micah first and then McCawley! McCawley was alittle smarter and saw it coming! *Barry Clower from RFD-TV was the judge and he was the one that did the chaping! If you haven't seen or heard him you are missing out, he is hysterical! Him, his wife and kids are such a blessing!*

Then we were off to the Barrel Race. I got 2 free exhibition runs, so I trotted the 1st and the 2nd I slow loped the pattern. The pattern was set real far back in the pen and tight, so I wanted to gauge my speed I would need. The 2nd run when I was going to the 3rd barrel I heard snap! I knew what had happened the snap on my right rein had just popped off! We finished the run and I stopped her at the end of the pen no problem at all. The gate guy was like you did that with 1 rein! LOL! She is a great mare I tell ya! Our run was clean and we placed 1 out of the money! When I ran the announcer said "Well lookie here she is running cans in a roping saddle, and by the way where did you get it?" LOL! My horse and one other were the only ones that didn't have tie downs on. I was proud of her run and we had a great time and supported a good cause.


Frazzled Farm Wife said... are pretty good! Sounds like a fun day.

mikey said...

Lol, awesome!! Love the barrel run, I'm guessing you've got your horse trained well in the one-rein stop :)

Love the chapping too, that happens here. Not to me, of course :)

Love it all!

Callie said...

You seem to always have a blast! Good job!

Carroll Farm said...

I just recently heard of the chapping. Not me. :)
Looks like a good run. Glad you have such a well behaved beauty- to stop with one rein. :)

Pony Girl said...

Wow, great finish despite the equipment failure! ;)

Chapping- never heard of it. Thanks for educating me, I'll get up to speed with all this cowboy stuff, eventually!

Andrea said...

Girl I would have cried or have done an emergancy dismount!! LOL!! I am telling ya, barrel racers are tuff! You riding barrels with one rein!! Crazy Woman!!!
Sounds like it was a fun day!!!

Anonymous said...

What happened to your music??? I was used to hearing some Christian stuff here and now it has gotten a little off color.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

WooHoo-next thing you know-you will be bridleless barrel racing. Crazy woman. Looks like Angel can really get in the ground and get around a barrel.

LOL-The chapping!! I haven't heard of that for a long time.