Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

GREY 14th RIDE!!

Today I put the 14th ride on "Grey." (we are alittle behind on our rides due to the mega rain we got this past week!) We did our normal work: reining, pattern work, loping and lead changes. I got him pretty hot and thought well we will just go down the road to cool off and see what we find! And it is way more fun than cooling down in our boring pasture! Change of scenery is a great thing!

We have great big bar ditches, so you don't have to ride right up on the road. He's spotted something in the distance! What is it you may ask? A man mowing his ditch. We passed a dead armadillo as well and tons of truckers driving by honking! I think I knew about half of them and the others you just never know about! LOL!!

Bridge #1~I took this after we had already crossed it and was turned around heading back across!! Trust me you don't want to come off this thing!

Bridge #2~this is at a entrance of a real nice house on the highway. I love this bridge, it is wooden and open underneath, with water flowing. So it makes some noise when they go across, great training tool! He never slowed down and it didn't seem to faze him! *This house reminds me of a racehorse training facility. Never been done in there to see what it looks like though, they moved in from the city. It has a gated entrance, equipped with locks, speaker box and a monitor! High tech I tell ya!! One of these days they are going to come over the speaker and ask me what in the world am I doing and tell me to stay off there bridge!

"Grey" is like I think I know you? This is the colt that lives at his house. Every time we pass his house he looks over and says Hi! LOL! Right after we visited we started our way back home. There is a nice piece of open area, so I kicked him over into a nice lope and we headed home. And guess who we passed? The owner~he was honking and just waving away! LOL!! By the time I made it home, he was pulling in to my driveway! He came down to check on our progress and tell us how good we were looking! LOL! I'm so glad he is happy with the way he is progressing. Now back to housework and trying to get caught up around here!

Monday, August 25, 2008

1st Day of 1st Grade!

I can not believe today was little cowgirl's 1st day of 1st grade! Doesn't even seem possible that she should be that old!! Meet the Teacher was Friday night and her teacher seems to be real nice! When I took her this morning, it was amazing to see how "big" she seemed. So different from her 1st day of Kindergarten! My little girl is growing up too fast! She had a great 1st day of school and really is excited about this year. I know with this new school year we need to remember to pray for our children, classmates and the teachers.

Friday, August 22, 2008


First off Thank You Train Wreck for bestowing me with this award! What can I say about you? I love your blog as well and her photos are just amazing! (you are the one that needs the calendar!) She is a cowgirl who blogs about her cowboy, horses, and kids! If you have not checked her out you should.
Here is her page

Now here are the details about this award;

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you have nominated.
So, here is who gets my "I Love Your Blog"

So in no particular order here they are:

1. Andrea over at You need to check out this cowgirl from LA and see what they are up to. She posts about her horses, kids and her cowboy. I also love her sweet spirit and smile.

2. BECG over at What can I say about this mother and daughter duo? They are a hoot and always up to something! She has great pictures and stories and her famous "pot" garden! If you don't know what I'm talking about you need to check them out! *and no it isn't what you think!~I had to post about the pot garden for Mikey, Mrs. Mom and me~we always get a chuckle about it!*

3. Shirley over at This is a blogging friend all the way from Canada! Great pics of her beautiful horses, land and adventures! And she has the cutest stud colt ever! Give "Peppy" rubs from me!

4. Linda over at I really love her WW pictures and her stories. She has great quotes to go with each of her posts as well! Beautiful country, horses and dogs!

5. One Cowgirl at This cowgirl is a hoot and a half! She has great posts about everyday ranch life and guest appearances by "Dudley" her horse. She has great pics as well!

6. Mrs. Mom over at What can I say about Mrs. Mom? Well first off I love her no nonsense straight to the point (PSA)! I love to read her stories about her everyday life with her horses and barn. She is definitely someone I could hang out with! I've enjoyed getting to talk with ya! Love ya girl!

7. PG over at Pony Girl is a girl who has been without a horse for awhile and is just getting back in the saddle again. I love reading her stories about her cutie appy My Boy and there adventures. Her and her cousins just got back from a horse camping trip, you should pop over and read about it.

I truly enjoy reading and checking in on all the blogs I read. It was hard to nominate just 7! I have meet some great friends through blogging. Thanks again ladies!

*I can't believe it I think I actually figured out how to link! Holy Cow!*

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

GREY-9th ride this morning!

Today was "Grey's" 9th ride and he did very well. We did reining, poles, barrels, loping, water, etc. Here we are practicing our ground tying skills-A++ I left him for awhile and walked away pretty far~I zoomed in for the picture. I just LOVE a horse that ground ties.

Look no hands! He is not at all bothered by this! Right before she took the picture his ears were back listening to me!

Today we introduced the ball to him, no problem he says! My lovely little assistant rolls it into him from all sides and underneath-A++! And of course she takes alittle time to play while doing it!

My little assistant insisted on taking a picture of me and "Grey!!" I'm thinking he may also be alittle bit of a ham!!! LOL!

Little assistant climbs abroad to help with the cool down! She's also sporting a new gap~she lost another tooth this morning! Excuse the sweat! It was hot and the humidity was high this morning!

*Last but not least** This is for you Susan (aka Painted Promise)~I finally remembered to take a picture of the neighbor's donkeys for you! Right before I took the picture they were just a playing with each other! They sure are curious little boogers!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008


Yesterday was our monthly church play day! It wasn't too hot, as there was a nice breeze till the last event and then it started getting alittle warm. I hauled "Angel" & "Grey". "Grey" is a ~8 year old horse that I am putting 30 rides on. He has been turned out in the pasture for 2 1/2 + years and not sure of his training before that. Yesterday was his 5th ride. He did great, I'm very proud. The new owner was not happy with his neck reining, let me just say he didn't neck rein at all! Any who he did a great job on all the events which were poles, potato race and keyhole race. No pics from the potato race for some reason they all turned out blurred. We did 3 speed events yesterday, due to the heat. I took it slow and easy on him, we trotted the patterns and then slow loped home. There was alittle boy riding a pony that ran up his rear end and almost took my leg off and "Grey" just stood there, I was impressed! "Angel"~what can I say, she's my girl!! That was our best pole run we have ever done~1st place! Keyhole race~1st place and would have had 1st place in the potato race, but I knocked the barrel over! UGH! Dang knee~it was pilot error~I pulled her too close to the barrel! Oh well! All in all we had a great day and fun that is what counts!!

"Grey" doing poles~I normally don't like being this wide! But for him I was just glad he was neck reining! WOO HOO! And it was the first time he had done them!

Keyhole race~It is hard to see in the pic, but there is lime on the ground in the shape of a keyhole. The object is to walk your horse through the opening of the keyhole and spin them and come back out. You can not let your horse step out of the lime or it is a no time!

"Grey" did good on it~but when we he saw the lime on the ground he backed up and looked at it like-What is that? But I encouraged him on and he went in.

One wore out little cowgirl! I couldn't figure out why it was so quiet in the backseat and then I turned around and see this!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Yesterday we got the call that cows were out, just great! It is 103 degrees then plus the heat index, in the middle of the day, UGH! So we caught horses, saddled and headed out. And yes we wore long sleeves, leggings and hats. You will see if you don't you will be cut from head to toe and more than likely get poison ivy!

Heading out~"Roo" striking a pose for the camera! We had just entered neighbor's pasture at this gate.

Riding threw the clear cut looking for signs of cows, none! Just a bunch of feathers! (he used chicken manure!) Hubby trying to cut his way through the vines. Needless to say his place is overgrown! I am a nice wife and let hubby go first! Doesn't always work as I had to cut myself and "Angel" free a couple of times!

Wait what is that I see? I think it is one of the wild bovines we are looking for! Oh and look there is more!

We finally saw the cows~they had brushed up in the woods. So I went to may spot and hubby went to find a way to get behind them and push them out. My job is to be seen and count the cows! When he got all of them out, we started easing them through the pasture and back around to the gate. I had to put my camera up as I had to run ahead and open the gate! We got all the cows back to where they belonged and didn't get heat stroke doing it! LOL!! We had been checking fence as we were riding through our place to get to the neighbor's gate and hadn't seen any fence down. Come to find out he had just had some of his place clear cut and had planted some hay and the workers (idiots!) had left the gate open. That is good news to find out, as that means we were done and didn't have to fix fence!!! Woo Hoo!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Mrs. Mom from Oh Horse Feathers and Shirley from Ride a Good Horse passed along a award to me. Thanks so much ladies I truly enjoy each of your blogs and checking in with ya!

Mrs. Mom~what can I say? I love ya girl!! You're not scared to say it like it is! Love it! We could get into some real trouble if we lived closer! 2 horse crazy, gun totting wommins! LOL!!

Shirley-love your blog as well~dogs, horses and your country is beautiful! I could just squeeze Peppy~he is the cutest foal!

I know I'm supposed to pass it along, but I think everyone has already gotten it! If you have not, please take one for yourself and pass it along. Every one's blogs that I read I enjoy them so much and they all are deserving of this award!

Have a great Friday and don't get into too much trouble! I'm praying for some rain, it is so dry and humid and hot here!