Friday, August 1, 2008


Mrs. Mom from Oh Horse Feathers and Shirley from Ride a Good Horse passed along a award to me. Thanks so much ladies I truly enjoy each of your blogs and checking in with ya!

Mrs. Mom~what can I say? I love ya girl!! You're not scared to say it like it is! Love it! We could get into some real trouble if we lived closer! 2 horse crazy, gun totting wommins! LOL!!

Shirley-love your blog as well~dogs, horses and your country is beautiful! I could just squeeze Peppy~he is the cutest foal!

I know I'm supposed to pass it along, but I think everyone has already gotten it! If you have not, please take one for yourself and pass it along. Every one's blogs that I read I enjoy them so much and they all are deserving of this award!

Have a great Friday and don't get into too much trouble! I'm praying for some rain, it is so dry and humid and hot here!


Jillian, Inc. said...

Congrats and well deserved. You know I think you're brilliant!

Midlife Mom said...

We are finally getting rain the last few days and it's wonderful!! Well the lightning and thunder kept me awake last night but I like to keep an eye on the barn anyhow. We needed the rain so badly!!

Love your WW picture! That is just wonderful!!!

Congrats on the award, you have a wonderful site, I really enjoy it every time I stop by!!!

Callie said...

Congrats on your award! Great blog! Love seeing pics and reading about the fun y'all have!

Shirley said...

Getting to Texas is on my bucket list;I'd love to come to some of the big shows there, like the Ft. Worth stock show(I have relatives in Ft. Worth)and of course, visit my blog friends!

Carroll Farm said...

I am gonna take it - we don't have that one yet! :) Hoping for rain for you!

Becca said...

Hey, looks like you all are staying busy in spite of the hot weather, it is getting me down.
Josh is coming up next week and bring his new horse Ace, we going to do some early morning riding. He has to start school the 14th so this will be his last visit for a while.
I guess Savannah will be getting back to school soon too. It's hard to believe how fast that girl is growing. I enjoy the pictures you post. I make copies of some of them and send them to Mom, she gets a kick out of seeing Savannah.
You guys take care and come see us up here in Oklahoma. Love, Becca

Aussie_Oklahoma said...

Congrats, well deserved!