Tuesday, August 26, 2008

GREY 14th RIDE!!

Today I put the 14th ride on "Grey." (we are alittle behind on our rides due to the mega rain we got this past week!) We did our normal work: reining, pattern work, loping and lead changes. I got him pretty hot and thought well we will just go down the road to cool off and see what we find! And it is way more fun than cooling down in our boring pasture! Change of scenery is a great thing!

We have great big bar ditches, so you don't have to ride right up on the road. He's spotted something in the distance! What is it you may ask? A man mowing his ditch. We passed a dead armadillo as well and tons of truckers driving by honking! I think I knew about half of them and the others you just never know about! LOL!!

Bridge #1~I took this after we had already crossed it and was turned around heading back across!! Trust me you don't want to come off this thing!

Bridge #2~this is at a entrance of a real nice house on the highway. I love this bridge, it is wooden and open underneath, with water flowing. So it makes some noise when they go across, great training tool! He never slowed down and it didn't seem to faze him! *This house reminds me of a racehorse training facility. Never been done in there to see what it looks like though, they moved in from the city. It has a gated entrance, equipped with locks, speaker box and a monitor! High tech I tell ya!! One of these days they are going to come over the speaker and ask me what in the world am I doing and tell me to stay off there bridge!

"Grey" is like I think I know you? This is the colt that lives at his house. Every time we pass his house he looks over and says Hi! LOL! Right after we visited we started our way back home. There is a nice piece of open area, so I kicked him over into a nice lope and we headed home. And guess who we passed? The owner~he was honking and just waving away! LOL!! By the time I made it home, he was pulling in to my driveway! He came down to check on our progress and tell us how good we were looking! LOL! I'm so glad he is happy with the way he is progressing. Now back to housework and trying to get caught up around here!


Mikey said...

Beautiful!!! You guys are doing so awesome. Man it's green down there. Wowsers!
Keep up the good work!

The Wife said...

Grey seems to be coming along great! I was given the flyer for the ranch rodeo last Sunday at church. I am going to have a meeting with all the girls this Sunday and see who all is interested. I participated in the last one, so I will give others the chance to enter this one. But even if I don't enter, I will be there to cheer everyone on. We'll get to meet!

Andrea said...

You and gray are doing great! I love that very daring first picture!! I love it!! :)

I so should have sent you my three year old. You have done more in 14 rides than my "trainer" has done in a month and a half!! LOL!! So, when are ya open for another horse?

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

You are making tons of progress. I bet the owner is plumb tickled.

Sheez-Today was Megan's first day of...HIGH SCHOOL...OMGosh, time goes by so fast.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Grey has a great start. That kind of riding can really mature a horse for all-around use. His ears are so cute!

Aussie Oklahoma said...

Sounds like Grey is doing great! Do you keep him for thirty days?

Carroll Farm said...

Yeah, first day of school. It is amazing how time flies. I have 2 third graders! Gasp. love the pics of Grey. That is funny that he says 'hi' to his colt. :)

Nonna said...

What great pics!! You are so daring!!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

What a great ride!

I wish you would have taken a picture of the dead armadillo....I have never seen one. Maybe next time??!!

Train Wreck said...

Look at you! Keep up the great work! I love that last photo what a friendly baby!!

Shirley said...

Looks like you and Gray are enjoying each others company! And that's great that his owner got to see you riding him. The colt is a cutey, but I really don't like to see babies turned loose in pasture with halters on, especially around barb wire; and that metal post would be a place where he could scratch his head and get the halter caught over it and get in a bad wreck. Yikes!

Momma / Cowgirl said...

I am impressed. You have done some great things with Grey. The owners must be darn happy.

Those bar ditches are sure luscious.
Will all the rain comes the beautiful greenery, eh?

happy horsin' around!