Monday, August 11, 2008


Yesterday was our monthly church play day! It wasn't too hot, as there was a nice breeze till the last event and then it started getting alittle warm. I hauled "Angel" & "Grey". "Grey" is a ~8 year old horse that I am putting 30 rides on. He has been turned out in the pasture for 2 1/2 + years and not sure of his training before that. Yesterday was his 5th ride. He did great, I'm very proud. The new owner was not happy with his neck reining, let me just say he didn't neck rein at all! Any who he did a great job on all the events which were poles, potato race and keyhole race. No pics from the potato race for some reason they all turned out blurred. We did 3 speed events yesterday, due to the heat. I took it slow and easy on him, we trotted the patterns and then slow loped home. There was alittle boy riding a pony that ran up his rear end and almost took my leg off and "Grey" just stood there, I was impressed! "Angel"~what can I say, she's my girl!! That was our best pole run we have ever done~1st place! Keyhole race~1st place and would have had 1st place in the potato race, but I knocked the barrel over! UGH! Dang knee~it was pilot error~I pulled her too close to the barrel! Oh well! All in all we had a great day and fun that is what counts!!

"Grey" doing poles~I normally don't like being this wide! But for him I was just glad he was neck reining! WOO HOO! And it was the first time he had done them!

Keyhole race~It is hard to see in the pic, but there is lime on the ground in the shape of a keyhole. The object is to walk your horse through the opening of the keyhole and spin them and come back out. You can not let your horse step out of the lime or it is a no time!

"Grey" did good on it~but when we he saw the lime on the ground he backed up and looked at it like-What is that? But I encouraged him on and he went in.

One wore out little cowgirl! I couldn't figure out why it was so quiet in the backseat and then I turned around and see this!


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

You and Angel ROCK!!

See you are a horse trainer!! Grey sounds like another good horse that just needs miles and guidance...and you are just the lady to give it to him.

LOL-Poor Savannah. Kids can sleep in the most uncomfortable positions. It was a long day for a tough little cowgirl.:)

Mrs Mom said...

Look at you out there! You Go Girl! BECG is right- you got that trainer touch there in spades. ;)

Look at the way Grey has his ear on you, and the way he is looking to you for guidance. Only a horse who has confidence in his rider/ handler is going to give that much. His eye is soft, his body is soft, and YOU have a big arse grin on your face... lol.. yeah, *I'd* say you are a trainer! ;)

Better than a bunch of the "pros' I have seen over the years! Keep it up girl- keep it up!

Linda said...

It looks like you sit a horse very well. Savannah is so cute.

Train Wreck said...

Good job! Looks like your horse is willing to do what you want! That's a great feeling! Congrats!
East Texas you say? My Cowboys Grandfather lives in Gilmer. Most likely we will be going for a visit soon! I love to drive, over flying. So much more to see. We will be moving to Texas one day, I'm glad I will have friends!

Nonna said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun! Savannah looks all tuckered out for sure!! lol

Callie said...

Great job! Sounds like another fun day. What a sweet little Savannah, all sound out!

Midlife Mom said...

What a fun day!! I'm turning green with jealousy, but it's good jealousy! You do such a great job with your horses, wish you lived closer as I have a couple that need a trainers guidance! I'm just way too easy on them and they walk all over me. I just walked out to the barn to turn the lights off in the hay loft which I left on AGAIN! I cut up a couple apples to give my guys a treat. They are my furry kids!

Your daughter looks so sweet!

USAincognito said...

I love your horse "Grey!" He is just beautiful!!!

Aussie_Oklahoma said...

Sounds like fun! It's always nice when your horse is willing to do whatever you ask.

"Grey" is beautiful! Is he a Quarter Horse?

kdwhorses said...

Aussie OK-yes he is a Quarter Horse. He really is a sweet horse and coming along real well!

Anonymous said...

Grey looks great. All he needs is a few wet saddle blankets on him. And that is the cutest picture of the sleeping princess in the back seat.

Karen said...

I'm so impressed! And your tuckered out little gal is too cute!