Tuesday, May 22, 2007

CBCC Men's Ranch Rodeo 5/19/07

This is a picture from another rodeo, since I forgot my camera last Saturday!!

Our church held there annual Men's Ranch Rodeo this past Saturday in Grand Saline. My husbands team won 3rd place!!! Way to go guys!! As we were leaving that afternoon, my girlfriend from Dallas called and said they were in the area and wanted to come by and visit. What a great surprise, so her and her son came to the rodeo. We had a great visit and Michael played with Savannah and rode our horses! It was such a nice surprise and a great blessing for the day. We have not seen each other since Thanksgiving. I consider her my sister, as our parents lived next to each other for years and we were raised together. Several people at the rodeo asked if we were sisters! We do look alike! Well, we had a great day and enjoyed the rodeo together. I wished I had not forgotten my camera, as my husbands team put on a show in the wild cow milking. The cow was not at all happy about getting milked. I think everyone lost there hats and several flipped over!! I am proud of all the guys and there 3rd place win!! Thank you God for such great memories!

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Jennifer said...

Congratulations, Dickie!!! I wish Kristen had remembered her camera, because I wanted to see "wild cow milking"! Good job!