Sunday, November 30, 2008


Yesterday we went to work cows with some friends of ours in Henderson. Was going well with the penning of the cows, until this lovely little red cow decided to change the plans. She is brushed up, so they sent in 2 cow dogs to try and get her out and then they were going to rope her. Well, she tried to eat the 2 dogs, so I was sent to our trailer to get "Shelby". So I come back and hubby turns her onto the cow, well things started slow, but between Shelby and the other 2 dogs they finally got her out of the brush and moving along well. It had rained the day before a whooping 4 inches, so it was nice and muddy! At one point in the pens, Savannah had her boot sucked off her foot! It was great weather for working the cows though, not too hot, not too cold!! It was a great family day, no one got hurt, great food and fellowship!
Mad momma cow brushed up!
You have to look real close but this is a picture of "Shelby" on the head of the cow! You go girl! Hubby was very proud of her! This cow meant business and had already slung one of the other dogs through the brush. They had to doggie up and get the job done!

Here we are sorting the cows and calves. Me and another guy were holding the gate horseback. I was busted, yes honey I've got them go on with your sorting! LOL! Note~put camera away for a little while!
Moving the smaller calves to another pen until we are ready to work them!

I'm sure this picture needs no explanation! I was the designated ear notcher and whatever else hubby needed! I only got a few pics of us working and none with me in them! I was there I promise, all muddy and bloody! This is what little cowgirl does to pass the time! She's defiantly a country girl!


The Wife said...

Yes, definately a country girl! LOL!

There is always one that has to make trouble-run off from the others. Isn't there!

Callie said...

LOL, If she is holding what I think she is holding, Yikes! Definately a country girl!

Shirley said...

Did you have a prairie oyster fry-up or just let the dogs have 'em?

kdwhorses said...

Shirley~I brought them home and froze them. We are planning on having a calf fry soon!!

There is one place we work where the dogs and cats literally line up and wait for you to toss them one! At that place we have to put them in a cooler and keep the lid closed or you wouldn't have any!

Midlife Mom said...

Love the stories from your place! A real working ranch! I enjoy watching good dogs working the cows, they are good at what they do. That last picture is a howl!!!!

Anonymous said...

Better keep that pic to show to her boyfriends in the future - oughta keep em in line!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Definte cow-girl handling nuts like that!

Nothing like a good day workin cattle! Thanks for taking the time to take pictures for us!

Plowing and Sowing said...

Great post. I love any "cow workin'" post. Sounds like your dog got the job done.

Rising Rainbow said...

I think working cows would be a trip! But I'd probably fall off the horse.....still working on strengthening my core so I can ride a reiner some day....I hope.

Stop by my blog and pick up an award.

Mikey said...

Lol, love these pics, especially the last one. Country girl!!!