Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This morning we loaded up and headed down to our arena and roped. Before we could head to the arena we went to the local DQ and had breakfast with the Old Timer's Group. They are the local men in the area that meet there every morning to catch up on the town gossip! Let me just tell you it is very entertaining! They have accepted me and let me into the group! There ring leader is the owner of "Grey" the horse I rode a couple of months back. Let me just tell you they know everything that is going on and if they don't they will find and get back with ya!! After that we headed down to our pen and practiced roping. "Willis" is needing alot of tracking and slow roping done on him and hubby is working on his heeling skills on my mare. We had a great time and when we got done roping, hubby decided we needed to ride the place. Woo hoo, he doesn't ever just ride! Of course I asked him what he wanted!

Tracking "Pedro" on "Willis"~he still needs to be driven at times, but he is getting better.

Getting ready to swing~I rope donk with a breakaway rope.

Woo hoo~clean! Take a dally and stop! "Willis" is such a sweet horse and I think he is going to make a jam up head horse. I'm taking it slow and easy, no need to push. He is only 3 1/2!

Hubby's turn on my mare~he's practicing his heeling skills!

Just had to take this picture~I looked up and told hubby stop, that'll make a great pic! He just rolled his eyes! LOL! We are on the backside of our place.


Patti said...

We have a place like that here called the Dairy Bar. All the old timers gather everymorning. They all sit at this table and there is a sign that hangs over it called "the table of knowledge"! LOL They know everything that is going on!!I think men gossip a lot more than women do to be honest! LOL

Midlife Mom said...

Around here they all meet at Micky D's to chat and gossip! They know everything going on in our little town!

Great pictures! What does the donkey think about being the practise cow??? lol! Is he a good sport about it?

Love the new halter! Never have seen one like that before! BLING!

Wish I could ride even a tenth of what you do! It's getting a little cold here to ride but we bundle up and go for it! Well, not all of us, my granddaughter is done with her lessons for the winter. Just doesn't like to ride when it's cold. I don't really blame her though, sometimes my toes are just frozen!

Take care! xoxo

Mrs Mom said...

Awww I wanna come play at your house KDW!!!! Seriously!

Kiss Pedro from me. Gosh he is just too darn sweet there. Willis looks like he is coming along great too. Nice job, cowgirl!

Huge Hugs to you all!!!!

Andrea said...

HOw much fun!! I love to see you tracking the donkey. I need to get tracking ours!!

And just three and a half years old huh? That is how old my colt is too. We haven't tracked anything since mine bucked me off. Your colt sure looks good!!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

My hubby rolls his eyes every time I take a picture for the blog! He thinks it dumb....I totally disagree!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

All in a day's work right? You guys make it look so effortless. I always envied my brother his roping abilities. Of course, I had to teach myself to rope right handed, so that took a few years to get figured out-LOL.

The gaggle of gossiping men-LOL...I think every place has one. Especially small towns.

Karen J-S said...

Looks like a great time was had by all...even Pedro!!! He looks like such a good sport about the whole thing.

Aussie Oklahoma said...

Looks like Pedro makes a good "cow", lol!

Shirley said...

God bless the "Old Boys Club"- yep, every small town has one! And what a wealth of knowledge they represent, and usually they are the first to tell you so! How is Grey doing since his owner has him back?

Mikey said...

Ahhh, I call that the 6 o'clock coffee club. I have always said, you ever want to know anything about any town or people in it, you find that group. In some small diner, usually the one with the plain brown heavy coffee mugs, there's that bunch, every morning. Better than reading a newspaper..
Love you roping Pedro, lmao! Too cute!