Friday, June 1, 2007


Happy Birthday "Preacher!!!" Today is his 7th birthday! So today Savannah has claimed to be his special day, treats, extra grooming and lovings!!! We got him about 2 years ago and his name was "Toad." Of course we changed the name, I could not see calling him "Toad" That name did not fit him, so my husband came up with "Preacher". Anyway he was going to be a project for my husband and sale after he was finished. But we feel in love with him right away and he stayed! A few days after we got him me and Savannah were going to feed and he was following us to the barn and Savannah feel down right in front of him, he stopped and waited for her to get up and made sure she was okay. That was what really won his place here. He has to continued to be that way. He meets me at the gate and walks right behind me or next to me to the barn. But, if I stop, he stops, it is so neat. He is a great natured, loving horse. He loves his lovings and would get into your lap if he could. My son rides him at his ranch rodeos and my husband loves him for sorting!! So he made his way into our lives and hearts and it has been a blessing. Too many more!! We love you "Preacher!!!"

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