BLACKJACK LAND & CATTLE COMPANY: Women's Ranch Rodeo 6/9/07

Monday, June 18, 2007

Women's Ranch Rodeo 6/9/07


Here are some pictures from our Women's Ranch Rodeo at Cross Brand Cowboy Church in Tyler, Texas. The events were sorting, branding, doctoring and untagging. We did a great job and had a good time. It was alittle humid and hot, but we all survived with water and Powerade. My team had some bad luck, in the sorting one of our team members got bucked off her horse and the doctoring and untagging we had hard luck as well. But, for me personally it was a good learning experience and me and my horse worked very well together. I have only been roping about 6 months and me and her are starting to mesh and work well together. It is a great feeling and it makes you and your horse trust each other. I know that when I ride that is when I feel so very close to our Lord and Savior. It is such a awesome feeling to be on your horse and feeling the wind and hearing there hooves as they are running. It is the closest thing to flying for me. I guess it is hard to explain and understand if you are not a horse person. I do love our horses and cherish my time with them. You know most young girls go through the horse crazy stage, well I did not have horses when I was little. I am "horse crazy" now and loving it!!! I do not see me outgrowing this stage in my life anytime soon!!! I am looking forward to continuing my journey with learning to rope, better myself as a rider and just plain enjoy God's creatures. I want to thank my husband for giving me such a awesome horse, encouragement, and too many other things to mention. And Mary for always encouraging me, pushing me and just being there. Thanks to Barb, Cindy, Laura and Michael for making the trip up and sharing this day with me. It meant so much to me that you all came. Thank you God for all you give me!

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