Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Our Hermit Crabs!!

Savannah feeding "Stripes" a grape.
"Super Girl" drinking water
"Blue's Clues" is getting into there house, "Stripes" drinking water and "Super Girl" digging!

Well, I figured I better post our newest animals on the farm. Several people have been asking for me to and I was waiting to get a few pictures. We have 3 hermit crabs. It all started when we went to my sister's for a visit and they had a crab. She was so interested in them and wanted to get one. So when we got home we went and got one crab. Of course, I have never owned crabs before and did not know a thing about them, so I went on the Internet and started researching crabs. And you know they are not hermits, they like being together and the website I was on said you should have 2 or more together. That they live longer and just do better. So back to the store we went and got 2 more. Our first crab is named "Blue's Clues" and is in a normal shell. The next 2 we got have fancy painted shells! They are "Stripes" (his shell is black with yellow stripes) and "Super Girl" (her shell is pink Spiderman). Now we do not know if they are male and females, Savannah says that "Super Girl" is a girl and the others are boys! Anyway they are neat to have and they will eat bananas, apples, grapes, squash, along with there normall pellet food. I normally cut a piece and put on the end of a fork, so Savannah can feed them and not get pinched! We have been handling them alot and they are getting used to us and come out for there special treat. This afternoon I was cleaning out the aquarium and put them in a box for exercise and just happened to have my camera in the same room. "Super Girl" has been shy about coming out around us and today she came out and was walking around investigating her surroundings. It was a real treat, the boys have always been very adventurous. It has been a blessing to get to know these creatures that God has made. Savannah has really enjoyed learning about them and having hands on experience. I know I have as well. My husband says I am a kid at heart, I guess I am. We did not have anything like this when I was little and I enjoy sharing this with my daughter. Anyway hope you enjoy our latest critters!!


Brandee said...

Kris, they are so CUTE! IT's wonderful you are open to sharing so many different things with Savannah! P.S. It's great to be a BIG KID! It's keeps us younger. Love, Brandee

Jennifer said...

It's so good to see your hermit habitat and the cute crabs! We need to get another crab for "Julie" since "Tigger" died. She seems lonely and they do like to have a friend with them! Why didn't mom and dad let us have creatures like this when we were little? I would like to have some turtles or an iguana...maybe when the boys get a little older! :-)

Love ya,
Jen :-)