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Monday, April 9, 2007

Savannah meets a celeb!

His stick was a nice little buckskin!
Savannah and Adriano!

We had a Ranch Rodeo at church on Saturday and Adriano Moraes came and rode in it. He is a 3 X PBR Champion Bull Rider. Savannah asked me to take her picture with him. I did not want to at first, because you know he is asked that all the time. But I finally asked him and he said no problem. We took the picture and he talked with her for a few minutes. He was very nice and sweet with her, but he was that way with everyone that day. It was great to see someone like him, be so receptive to everyone and there questions. He did say he is no better than you or I. I think that is a great attitude to have. A good friend of ours said he is strong in his faith and brings that to the rodeos and other riders. I went to his web page and was reading more about him, he lives by the motto: Work, Faith and Humbleness. You can read more about him at
Back to what he said, he is no better than you or I. He could have been a snob and turned people away, instead he welcomed everyone and treated everyone equally. What a great thing. I think it is human nature to get lost in being better than others and tearing each other down. Instead we need to be there for each other and support each other. The devil is always looking for ways to put wedges in between believers and tear us down. I know it is a struggle for me that I deal with regularly. One scripture that keeps coming to mind is : "Let us think of ways to spur one another in acts of love and good works." Hebrews 10:24.


Anonymous said...

I was just searching for a friends ranch.... Broken W out of Natoma Kansas, and I some how came accross your blog. I loved the pictures and stories about your family. You are blessed with a great combination of faith, family, and horses. It is refreshing to see. God bless.

Jamie said...

Adriano is AWESOME my friend Ashley and I have been to several PBR events and everytime we've run into him he's been very nice and polite...Even though he did try to plow me over with his luggage last year in Grand Rapids;) It'll be sad when he retires at the end of this season.