Friday, April 6, 2007


Happy 25th Birthday "Peskie!!!" The Old Man (aka "Peskie") turned 25 years old today! He is Savannah's horse and her best buddy. To say the least she is horse crazy!! But she comes by it honest as I am too! He used to be Dickie's old roping horse and he retired him a few years ago and gave him to her. Savannah has been using him for her ranch rodeos where she competes in barrels, penning and our church play days. They get along so well and he takes good care of her. She has been riding him her whole life. He is beginning to slow down some and show his age, but I believe he still has a lot of years to go. As my husband says, they (the horses) are treated like royalty around here! He is a extraordinary horse and we have been blessed to have him for her. He is one of a kind. Thank you God for him and allowing him to be a part of our lives. "Peskie" to many more birthdays!
We love you bunches!

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