BLACKJACK LAND & CATTLE COMPANY: "Preacher" and Savannah

Sunday, March 4, 2007

"Preacher" and Savannah

I came across this picture this morning and I love it. It is of Savannah and "Preacher." We got "Preacher" for my son and from the start him and Savannah had a bond. "Preacher" is definitely a lover, he loves the attention! I just missed him reaching down and giving her a kiss on the face! But you can see the emotion in the picture. Savannah has been around horses since she was born and she loves them dearly. She definitely has a bond with each of our horses and I was blessed to capture this moment between them. Horses are such a blessing from God and we are blessed to have 4 of these precious gifts at our ranch. I am glad to be raising my daughter in the country and letting her experience all these great gifts.

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