Saturday, March 10, 2007

Thought for the Day

As I write this post it is with a heavy heart. And it has made me ask Why? I know we are not supposed to ask Why and question God, but sometimes in a situation like this it makes you wonder? I do know God has a plan, even though we may not understand what it is. We have to keep our faith in God and rely on Him to get us through. Earlier this week a child from our church family was killed in a tragic accident. He was only 4 1/2 years old (2 months younger than Savannah) and a former child of my Sunday School class. His parents are expecting there second child in about 5 weeks. I ask that you would remember this family in your prayers as the next days, weeks, months, years will be hard on them. The reason for this post is to honor and remember "J.T." Emmons, born June 7, 2002 ~ March 5, 2007 to Billy and Kelly Emmons. And also to remember to cherish every waking minute we have with our little blessings. He was laid to rest on Thursday of this past week and that was a hard funeral to attend. This family has amazing faith and strength. Thursday afternoon we came home and had to feed the horses. Savannah was in a new outfit and her job was to fill the water trough, the next time I looked up from feeding she was covered in mud. It hit me then and I started crying for J.T.'s parents that they would never experience this again. I guess for me that is when it hit me, the little things we take for granted. And then when they are gone, you wish for them. As my husband said "I get upset with Savannah for always talking, but if I never heard her voice again, it would crush me." I am blessed to be able to stay home with our children. But in the same breath I take for granted so many little things. In this day and age, everything is go, go, go and it is easier to get upset or irritated at times than enjoy it. On Thursday I chose to enjoy this time and get muddy with her! And in the future I plan to enjoy every minute as we never know when we or they will be called home. This past week has been a emotional one and I have had many feelings. I would like to share something Savannah said after we found out about J.T. I was crying and praying before we headed to the hospital and she asked me what I was crying about, I told her I was upset about J.T. and she looked up and smiled at me and said "Mom, do not be upset, he is in heaven now with Jesus, I see him there." Talk about losing it, what a wonderful thing for her to share, children have such a sweetness to them. And yes, that is the one thing that will help this family and the friends now is knowing that yes, he is in heaven with Jesus now. As I have posted before about another family and there son Noah, who is now with the Lord. If you are looking for a awesome testimony to there faith and a wonderful lady you should visit the site for Noah. I have a link to the site under the blogs I like to visit or you can read the earlier post about it. It has been a blessing to me. I am sorry (no, I am not going to apologize, I spoke what was on my heart) to have written a book about this, but it has been on my heart to post something about it. I hope the one thing you take away from this is: Love your children with all your heart, soul and mind. Enjoy every minute with them, even when it does not fit into your schedule. Make time for the ones you love and tell them how much they mean to you. As Adrienne said get your cameras out and take lots of pictures, you can never have too many. I love you all and wish many blessings to you and yours. God Bless!

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