BLACKJACK LAND & CATTLE COMPANY: Finally a name for the horse!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Finally a name for the horse!!!!!!!!!!!!

You may ask why I posted this picture of him, but my daughter took it and she wanted it on the post. So here it is the up close and personal picture of "Rooster!!!"

Yeah we finally have a name for Dickie's new horse! I finally told him he better name him or I was! I was getting tired of calling him "Roanie!" So the much awaited name is "Rooster" - nickname "Roo!" I think it fits him. My husband likes to take his time naming them, he says the name will come to him. He said he has been throwing the name around for a week or so and he likes it. He is turning out to be a great horse for him. God has truly blessed us with great horses and we are grateful.

Well "Rooster" to many more years of sharing our lives together!! We love you!!!


Jennifer said...

"Rooster", huh?!? I'm just you have a rooster named "Horse"? :-)

Just teasing! Hope you are enjoying him!

kdwhorses said...


No silly!!?!?!?! I do not know why he chose that name, but I am glad. He calls him "Roo" for short.