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Friday, February 23, 2007

My husband's favorite

I finally got my memory card to Walmart and got a cd made of all the pictures on there!! I love my digital camera, but the memory card holds so many pictures, I just keep using it and wind up with 200+ pictures on it! My husband was going through them and showed me a picture that he says is one of his favorites. It is with our daughter at one of her Ranch Rodeos this past season. They did not know I took the picture and you capture the whole moment in it. One of the events at her rodeos was Muttin Bustin (that is where you have to ride the sheep). She was not wanting to do it and Dad was talking to her about why and explaining to her she did not have to if she did not want to. You can see compassion he has for his "baby girl." He has called her that since day 1! I am truly blessed to have a wonderful loving daddy for our children. He loves both of them dearly and is always supportive. Thanks honey for being a awesome Daddy!!!!! We love you bunches!!!


Jennifer :-) said...

Oh! What a sweet picture! Savannah looks like her mommy in this picture! She looks like she's enjoying her talk with Dickie.

kdwhorses said...

A great father comforting his "baby girl". What a great picture. He is so proud of his baby girl. He has called her that since she was born. I love this picture.