Wednesday, April 9, 2008


This was last year at a pasture roping for our preacher's son. His mom asked me to take pics. In a pasture roping there is a starting line right next to the trailer. They turn out the steer and when the steer gets 60 ft away then you go rope it. Well I would run out with the ropers and follow and take pics. Which with Dickie and Lynn here in this picture no problem. They got the steer roped and done in a few minutes. Well, others would run it all over the place! It is hard to be running wide open and take pics! LOL! We had a great time and it was a beautiful sunny day!
This is a picture of Savannah sleeping on "Pesky" at a In House Ranch Rodeo in '05. I was trying to find this picture and put on the post I did for his birthday.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

That was some tall grass you were roping in!

Rising Rainbow said...

Savannah looks pretty darn comfortable in that saddle, although I have to admit, I've never quite seen a saddle utilized in just that fashion before. lol

Jen said...

that picture made me miss Texas so much!!! I can't wait to come back :0(

Oldqueen44 said...

I wonder if I will ever get to the day that I can hang out on my horse like that. She is still so skittish about everything.
I do remember days of horses like that when I was a kid though.