Wednesday, April 16, 2008


To top off our busy weekend we had our April play day this past Sunday after church. Hubby had a ranch rodeo that afternoon, so we rode to church together and then he and his horse got a ride to the rodeo. Savannah wanted to stay and ride in the play day. She really enjoys them and they are great for her confidence. The events this month were: poles, potato race, Obstacle course and the shovel race. Savannah did all of the events. She did a great job and even loped a few times! I did all the events as well. I did the shovel race with a friend and we got a time of 16 seconds! Which is doing the shovel race wide open! And I have the bruises to prove it! But man was it fun! Not any pictures of me expect for the shovel race. A friend grabbed my camera and said she needed to document this! They were also asking what they should tell hubby if something happens! LOL! After the play day we went and picked up hubby from his rodeo. We got there in time to see the last event. His team placed 4th! Way to go guys! And this year no one was hurt! Last year we spent the evening in the ER with 4 broken ribs and several fractured ribs! And it was my birthday to boot! Woo Hoo!


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

What fun!! Megan and I miss doing Play Days. Hoping to get some going around here this summer. I am ready for some fun NOW though.

I'm Mikey said...

Oh, those last 2 pics are fantastic! rotfl! I bet you hurt!! U R tough, girl!
Love Savannah on her horse, she does so good!!!
I gotta say, your church really rocks.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I had never heard of the shovel race glad they got pics of you doing it!!!

Yeah hubby on the 4th place--way to go and with no broken bones!

Rising Rainbow said...

Happy Birthday!

This might be a dumb question but doesn't that dragging just kill the jeans?

BTW, now every time I hear this song on the radio at the barn, I think of you. lol

Kris said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, it is actually on the 22nd of April! But last year the rodeo was on my birthday! They moved it up this year!
Acutally my jeans were okay, was alittle hard on my belt though! I gave my jewerly and knife to a friend to hold, but forgot about the belt!

Callie said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like a whole bunch of fun. Shovel race? hilarious!