Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Top 5 Pet Peeves

Mikey over at The Horseshoeing Housewife has tagged me to list my top 5 pet peeves or causes for irriation. So here goes................

  1. When hauling horses or cows and these wonderful people who think they need to pull in front of you and slam on there brakes! Oh or ride your bumper or try to cut you off! Oh the list could go on and on. That REALLY irriates me!
  2. Being late-drives me nuts!
  3. When people tell you they are going to do something, then does not!
  4. Animal abuse/cruelty
  5. People who pretend to be something or someone they are not! God made each of us very different, be yourself! Your true friends will love you for who you are!

Hubby walked in and saw my list and wanted to add his #1 pet peeve! So here it is:

  1. When he used to drive cow trucks and someone was in front of them going 30 mph. When he got to where he could pass they would sped up! I am sure he made alot of people mad, when they realized they were not going to win!

Well, there you have my list and I am sure it just made your day! I think everyone has already been tagged. But if you have not please do your list and let me know! Have a great and blessed day!


Midlife Mom said...

I certainly agree with all of your pet peeves especially #4 on animal cruelty! It is one of the things in this life that I just can't understand and never will. Love the music on your site! Take care and come by soon!!

Linda said...

A great list. All of them I have to agree with you on and I'll add one more. I detest those little stcker things the grocery stores put on fruit! HATE 'EM.

OneCowgirl said...

great list. Have a great weekend at the rodeo - I'm not near San Angelo -
but thanks for thinking of me! Drive Safely and have a GREAT time.

Jen said...

Good List! Have fun girl, you deserve it!!
San Angelo is where my kids family lives. (their Dad's side)
I have been there many times!
Gonna miss ya!!!