Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mike's Hatters

I am posting today about a great man who makes custom cowboy hats. He is Mike Helms from Mike's Hatters in Longview. I am always having people ask me or comment about my felt hat and palm leaf that I wear. So, the last time we were there getting hubbies hat reshaped. I took pictures of the man in action! We have ordered several custom hats over the years and have gotten palm leaf hats from him as well. What I like is the colors you can pick from for the binding on your hat. My felt is chocolate and pink and my palm leaf is trimmed in pink as well. He travels to alot of shows throughout the year and is always busy. He does a extradionary job on his hats!

Mike in action! Hubby and Mike *notice hubby is so thrilled about having his pic taken!*


Jen said...

I just bought GW a new palm leaf for Valentines. That is his favorite type of summer hat. His other one is beat up real bad lol.
I like your brown hat you wear as well. I hardly ever wear my silverbelly cause I dont want to mess it up lol. GW would like Mikes style. He likes his felts "ranch hand style"
I hope you had a great weekend. I feel like I havent talked to you in awhile!
BTW dont "click on" the comment above me. Just delete it.
God Bless hun,

nickernoodle said...

Your brown and pink hat sounds really cute!!!