Monday, August 13, 2007

Savannah's RCRA Rodeo 8/11/07

Savannah's new bat wings (leggings)
Penning the cows!
Flipping the goat!

Savannah had her first rodeo of the season this past Saturday. It is done by a great organization called Ranch Cowboy Rodeo Association (RCRA). They will have a total of 5 rodeos, the finals being in December. The purpose of the rodeos is to build there confidence, horsemanship, etc. It was so good to see all our friends from last year and some new faces. The events in Savannah's age group is barrels, penning, goat roping, flipping, branding and mutton bustin. I will be posting pictures after each rodeo. Sorry some of them are dark, the arena is covered and sometimes you get a good picture, sometimes you do not. Savannah had a great time and is already looking forward to next month. It was definitely hot and humid, hopefully the next rodeo it will be alittle cooler! Savannah got to sport her new bat wings (leggings) that her Daddy had custom made for her. She is so proud of them! Thanks Dad for my custom bat wings!! The man who made them did a wonderful job and in the yoke he put our brand on one side and her initials on the other. She rode her horse "Pesky" a 25 year old sorrel Quarter Horse gelding. She and him have been inseparable since she was born! Hope you enjoyed the pictures and I will be posting some more after each of her rodeos.

**If you click on the darker pictures-it will enlarge them and you can see the picture better**

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kdwhorses said...

Great job! We are so proud of you! You looked great in your new bat wings!
We love you,
Mom, Dad and Bubba