Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm still here!

Okay so I know it's not Wednesday, but here is my WW picture! I'm still alive and well, just been crazy!
First off I've missed you guys, but without a computer I've been in cleaning/organizing mode!
Updates: "Pesky's" (aka Old Man) his blood work came back great for his age! Woo hoo!
We sold our S & H 4 horse slant trailer to a great couple for them to haul there grand kids and children around. I think we also made some new friends.
Hubby's been sick with the coughing, headache crud! I think his is on the way to recovery!
Hubby actually had a few days off in a row, and we didn't have plans and just stayed home and vegged out! So nice to do that sometimes!
I just knew today I was going to able to get caught up with everyone, but I didn't!
Here is my day:
  • took Little cowgirl to school and helped for a few minutes
  • came home and feed
  • come in start laundry, straighten up house
  • turn out horses
  • move poles in pasture
  • put out hay
  • saddle "Willis" and ride
  • guy calls to come pick up trailer today within the hour (they were going to pick up on Saturday)~of course I'm riding!!
  • Meet him to pick up trailer
  • come back unsaddle horse
  • start hubby's lunch (he is working nights)
  • get a phone call about horses out down the road
  • get in to truck and head down the road to help, almost get run over! Really people if you see horses running down the road~don't you think you can slow down! Jeez!
  • come back just in time to get hubby up for work
  • finish lunch
  • eat with hubby before he leaves for work and I head out to get little cowgirl from school!

WHEW I'm tired! I'm sure I left something out, I don't think I sat down today! Fixing to turn out horses and start homework and our nightly routine. I hope I can get to check in with everyone and see what you have been up to! Missed you all!

BTW~several have asked to hear the story about "Pesky", I'm working on that, so keep a look out for it!


Mrs Mom said...

Miss you too there girlfriend!! We have "crud" invading here too- Dear Husband was feverish and throwing up yesterday, and now both boys have come down with it since we got home from trimming today.

Hope YOUR hubby is better SOON!!!

AWESOME news on Pesky's bloodwork!!

Be sure you take the time to take a breath too girl!!!

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Missed ya girl! Sounds like a crazy day...I have more of those than I prefer any more. My DH has had the same stuff...he's finally getting a little better now, slowly. Have a great rest of the week!!

Mikey said...

Glad you're back! We missed you! Hope Hubby gets better soon. You go girl!!

Patti said...

Missed you! Whew!! Im tired just reading that list of everything you did!! LOL

Broken Y said...

Yippee Yeehaw! Glad your back! I find myself consumed with my blogs and then I don't get anything done. Sometimes no computer is a blessing!!!

Glad Hubby is better - I'm tired too, I'll post my day soon!!


ezra_pandora said...

Man o day you are running crazy!! You make me feel bad for being tired after just working my 8-5!! lol

Hope everyone gets over their crud :) That always stinks when anyone's sick.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Now that's a full day!

I sure hope your hubby is on the's no fun to have a sick hubby!

gtyyup said...

Yes, been wondering what happened to you! Glad all is well, even if it is a lil' bit hectic. And, I read the words "Ride Willis"...whooohooo!!

If I didn't have my computer, I might actually get something done around here too!!! LOL

Shirley said...

Sure did miss you! Kept checking.... Hope your Cowboy is all better, how's Willis coming along? and don't forget to breathe!

Andrea said...

That's great about Pesky's Blood work!! I love old horses. They are worth their weight in gold. Well, well behaved old horses :).

And you HAVE been super busy. What a day. I can't wait unitl you have interent again. But isn't it amazing how nice our houses look when we aren't on the computer! Hee hee!!