Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Well today has been a day I tell ya! I get a phone call from Vester (Grey's owner) and he says you want some jacks? Well I guess. He tells me there story and says we will be there in about a hour and a half. I hang up thinking, how in the world am I going to explain this to hubby?? The oldest one is a jack and the man said he could pull a cart and rope him. And the baby donk is about 8 months old, just a cutie! The man was getting rid of them because they kept getting into his feed for his cows. He gave them to Vester and told him to do whatever he wanted with them. Told hubby when I woke him up to go to work, he just looked at me like really!? I said you know Vester! He told me we needed to find a home for the older donk and we could keep the baby! I kinda figured that. And plus he wants to raise the baby to be another roping/tracking donk. Of course I knew that would go over real well with little cowgirl!

Checking out there new digs for the next couple of days!
Aren't we just a cutie, so fluffy! He didn't know if it was a jenny or jack. Well be trying to find that out tomorrow~didn't want to stress the poor little thing to bad! The baby was alittle stand offish today. I will be getting a halter on him/her real soon and start handling.

Okay, so I go get little cowgirl and I tell her what is at home and tell her the oldest donk will be finding a great new home to live. She's okay with that, as long as the baby stays! (I knew that was coming!) I explained to her about these donks and to not go around behind them, yada yada yada. So we are out getting everyone in there places for feeding and I look up and there she is! I swear! She is just talking to him and rubbing on him. She has a way with animals I tell ya!! I was that way when I was younger and I still am. I just love animals and they love me.

Look what I have in my house in a big blue bucket! 5 chicks! Whatever it was that killed the chick a couple of nights ago has not been back. Well today when I left to go get little cowgirl from school the hen and chicks where in the pasture. When I came back and we go out to see the new donks, I found the hens feathers everywhere. The 5 chicks were out in the pasture with the rooster. So whatever it is, came out in broad daylight and killed her! And plus I was only gone about 30 minutes. Jeez, that is scary that whatever it is, is not afraid of coming up in the daylight. Of course hubby still is thinking it is a coyote, which means they are no longer afraid. Which is even scarier when I think of all the times little cowgirl plays outside. Would this thing be bold enough to come up and get her? He was telling me of a story of some people that had been feeding the coyotes where they worked. All of a sudden the coyotes started attaching the people! Why would anyone think it's okay to feed the coyotes? I know we always kill them when we see them. They are such a nuisance to our animals.

She is so excited and has taken over the mother hen role! On a good note they will going to school in the morning for the kids to see. The teacher tried to incubate some eggs a couple of months ago and none hatched. So I called her tonight and I'll take them in the morning.


Andrea said...

Oh the old Jack is so sweet!! I love him!! Too bad I don't have a place for a Jack. We have two Jennies!!

And Coyotes come out in day light here too! They have been attacking people's dogs in their backyards!! One older lady watched a coyote kill her little dog right in fron of her in her own backyard. So sad. We have three that travel thorugh our pasture. I don't know how to shoot, but one morning they are going to travel that way when my hubby is home and they are going to be sorry. Donkey's are supposed to chase dogs, but ours are broken.

That is scary that they are coming up to your house in the day.

And those chicks are sooooo cute!! Your little Cowgirl is so sweet. Loving on the donkey and then the chicks. She is adorable!!

Rising Rainbow said...

We have hawks here big enough to pick up chickens. They hunt during the day so don't rule out a big bird.

The donks are very cute.

Broken Y said...

Fortunately, I have a dog, "Cowgirl" who literally prowls our grounds just looking for something that is not supposed to be there. She made a big ruccus when a coyote came close to the back yard after smelling the BBQer. He never came back - but we do hear them.

Cute little chix for a cute little chick!

Shirley said...

Keep the donkeys around the chickens and they'll keep the coyotes away. Some of the ranchers around here put donkeys out with the cattle herd at calving time to keep the coyotes away from the new calves. You might have to keep the jack and make him the security guard for the barnyard!

kdwhorses said...

Great ideas and suggestions! Thanks! The funny thing is Pedro is in the pasture with the horses and the 2 new ones are in the lot. I really don't think they are coming through the pasture, I feel they are coming from across the road. Because Pedro is very territoral and I have seen him run the neighbors dog right out of our pasture. He doesnt' take kindly to anything in his pasture! We used to have 2 hog dogs that stayed outside in pens, never had this problem. I think they kept things away too. They have passed away due to old age and one to a illness. Shelby stays inside with me.

Ranch Diva Rachel said...

We have had raccoons and bobcats take out alot of the chickens and chicks at my mom's house until she built what I call "The Chicken Palace". I'll have to post pics of that monstrosity! LOL

The donks are cute. I have always loved 'em little. =]

Train Wreck said...

Souns like a wily coyote. Feed them, Oh I have a special diet for them...lead. they are a disease carrying varmit. I have heard of them trying to carry off small children. I have no problem choosing a child or pet over something sneaking in to get a free meal.Good luck Maybe you should get a call. If it's a coyote it will "answer"

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

She looks so cute with the animals...such a natural! What an awesome way to grow up, surrounded by lots of different animals!

Mikey said...

Awww, too cute! I gasped when I read that thing came back in the daylight. Keep your pistol handy girl. You never know... that's pretty scary.
I had a friend lived WAY out with her little girl, her man worked and was gone for days. She had a lion coming in broad daylight, and I went out to shoe, she came out rifle in hand, pistol on hip, no fooling. She was ready. Made me nervous shoeing, I kept expecting a lion to come creeping around.

Love the donks!! They are too cute! And yep, she's just like her mama, loves them animals! Adorable!

gtyyup said...

Awwww the new donkeys are so cute...and look at the smile on your Lil' Cowgirl's face!!

Yep, I'd be packin' a gun. I don't like it when they get so brazen. My two big dogs keep them away from our house & barn yard, but my chickens are in a coop all the time. Between the bobcats, owls, coyotes and cougars, they'd be gone in no time...with or without my dogs outside.

Hope the chicks make it and you get whatever it is that's causing the problem.

Callie said...

Coyotes around here are very brave as well. A lot of them have brought stray dogs into their pack and that has taught them not to fear man. Just down the road from us last year they were advancing on some cattle inspite of the farmer shooting at them! They've humped just under our bedroom window,{Thanks} Sounds like something rising from the depths of hell! Poor Hen!

The Wife said...

You have all kinds of cute lil critters at your place now! the husband and I saw a coyote in broad daylight the other day. It crossed the road in front of us then just stood there. We stopped the truck and it didn't moved. Just sat there and looked at us. Couldn't believe it didn't run. We didn't have a gun in the truck or we would have plugged it!

Stephanie said...

I'm with Mikey keep gun handy if he shows up in daylight take the opportunity. Make me nervous when they get brave enough to approach in daylight. Usually that's a death sentence at our place - and I don't feel bad at all - they are WAY over populated and starving up here.

Hawks or even Owls are an idea too though - I have seen lots of Owls hunt in broad daylight.

ezra_pandora said...

oh my gosh those donkeys are adorable!! I think it's a kid thing. My four year old was out in the arena when I was trying to ride the other day and my horse would keep making a beeline for him. She wasn't listening to me at all. She would circle around and keep leaning into it until she got closer and closer to him. lol He loves her too, but I had to remove him while I was riding. lol

I remember when I was in 7th grade and we hatched ducks. I got to keep one. We named him Captain Nemo :)) That was a great time to have a duck. I hope you guys find whatever it is that's killing them, that really stinks and is pretty scary.

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.