Saturday, June 28, 2008


2nd place-hay bag & 4th place was the necklaceWell it was a great day! I went to a Women's Sorting at Rim Rock Cowboy Church and had a great time! I took "Preacher" and we did awesome! He is a sortin machine! (or as hubby calls him his secret weapon!) There were 3 teams to come back for a run off for 2nd and I wish I had given the camera to someone to capture him working. Man-he is just awesome, sitting and cutting! One thing I can say when he is working cattle you better be sitting in the middle of his back or he will smooth cut out from under ya! I took my camera but left it in the truck! UGH!!! We placed 2nd & 4th and brought home a hay bag and a cool necklace. Way to go "Preacher", thanks for a great time!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008


Well Pony Girl had a great idea to post our blogging space. So without further ado here is mine! I just moved it from our bedroom, so I do not have everything where I like it yet! There is always a drink of some sorts there, various scraps of paper, notebook, horse mags, bills, catalogs, pens, etc. I hate the phone jack hanging in the pic, but we only have one and that is where it is! I have a window to the left that I can look out and see my four legged critters! This room also has my treadmill, sewing machine, bar table, bookcase (with various equine literature) and my rocking chair. Thanks Pony Girl I have really enjoyed seeing every one's blogging space! If you want to do this, just click on Pony Girl's site and post a comment on this post, so we can all see it!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Today I had to take "Preacher" and "Angel" to the vet. Of course when I was hooking up it was thundering and looking like it was going to be nasty! Just great, I'm not worried about driving in it, worried about all the other idiots on the road! LOL! So left alittle bit early and it poured all the way there and then misted while we were waiting! So what do you do when you are waiting? Well I heel the little cowgirl, great practice! "Preacher" has to have his hocks injected, the last time we had it done was last November. So he examined him and then injected him. He has recommend Hylagen 60 to be given everyday. Wondering if anyone has ever used it and there thoughts? My little cowgirl loves to take pics and documented it for you all! He rechecked "Angel" and was glad to see the swelling decreasing and said to just keep up what I am doing. Hopefully there isn't going to be too much indention there. She still has alittle bit of scar tissue, but it should just keep dissipating over time. WOO HOO! I was beginning to worry that she was going to have a hump on her neck! I can say we are blessed to have a great vet and someone that I can trust. He takes such great care of our horses! Thanks Dr. Thoni and Dr. Pool! You rock! When we got back home I decided to go ahead and ride "Angel." But decided to torture her alittle with some bareback time! She just loves it, she just stands there! I love her so!
Waiting to turn into the vet! What is it about trailers and kids and dogs??

Injecting "Preacher's" hocks

I look like a frog! LOL! This one just cracks me up! I look like I am doing my idea of Flashdance! I guess all I need is water and not be sticking my tongue out! I wasn't going to post these, but little cowgirl insisted! I figured you all could use a laugh! *And yes I am this goofy all the time!*
**I think that was the movie, can't remember. Where she is on stage and leans back on the chair. **

Sunday, June 15, 2008


On June 4 hubby surprised me and Savannah with tickets to a Women's Ranch Rodeo in Hamilton, Texas. So we loaded up and headed that direction. It took us about 2 hours to get there and we had a blast! I had said I had wanted to go and see some of the events they were doing so we may get some new ideas for ours in September. Had no idea he was planning this the whole time! You should have seen this arena in Hamilton! Holy cow! The pictures do not do it justice! It was at Circle T Arena. There is a hotel on site, a huge covered warm up pen, tons of stalls and a huge arena. The arena on one end had a grill/cafe where you could sit at the end of the pen and watch. At the other end is where the contestants waited and it was covered as well. There was also a restaurant, bar, saddle shop, clothes, hay, feed, etc. It was diffidently amazing! I got to talk with the owner when I went to get Savannah a hamburger. He sure was nice and said he wanted a arena that everything! Well I would say he accomplished that!! Thanks Honey it was a great day!
The top picture was taken as we where pulling in to the parking lot. The arena is in the middle, the warm up pens/stalls are up on the hill to the right. And the second picture is the hotel. This place was massive!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


"Preacher" crossing the creek Tying the goat!

Me and "Angel" coming to the trailer loading

Having a great time on the poles! I knocked one down and squealed. The announcer said I needed extra points for that! So I was cracking up the rest of the pattern!

It has been so busy around here I have not had a chance to post or keep up with each of you! I am trying to play catch up!
I had a Extreme Race on Saturday and took "Angel" & "Preacher." The course was about 1 1/2 long and it had various obstacles including a log drag, pond, creek crossing, jumping deadwood, gate, goat tying, etc. The course was long, so there were not alot of obstacles visible, so not very many pics! My time on "Angel" was 5.2 and on "Preacher" it was a 8.24. I was extremely proud of them both they did every obstacle without hesitation. It was the first one "Preacher" had ever been too, so I didn't push him. It was a great day.
Sunday after church was our June play day. We did the poles, obstacle course and ribbon race. It was alot of fun but hot! I just love the play days and the fun and fellowship we always have!

I hope to be catching up with each of you over the next couple of days! Have a great day!!

Monday, June 2, 2008


Yesterday after church we had our annual In House Ranch Rodeo. It is a rodeo we put on every year for our members and it is free. It is great practice and experience for the teams and for me personally. I have a tendency to get nervous and as my husband says pressure up! I have learned you definitely have to put your time in with it, and you and your team must communicate. It is all about teamwork. We had a great time yesterday, even though it was very hot! We both were on 2 teams and all of our teams did well. Dickie's team placed 1 st! Way to go Dickie, Buck, Mike and Ty. My other team placed 5 th-way to go Buck, Mike and Frances. The top 5 teams were within 1/2 point of each other, it was a close finish. I was proud of our teams and the teamwork and communication that we had. I was very proud of me and Angel as well, we are really coming together and continuously getting better and more fluid with roping. Arena roping is alot different from roping out of the box. Roping period is alot of work and takes lots of practice! There is so much that goes into it between the horse, rider and the rope. You have to feel your rope and learn how to work the rope. It is a awesome feeling when it happens! It was looking like we were going to get out and home early, but with cows you never know! As the last trailer was being loaded, 6 cows pushed through the gate (which was tied poorly and the person who was supposed to be there was not paying attention! UGH!) We unloaded our horses and went after them, got 2 back and the other 4 pushed through some fence and wound up on a adjoining pasture. Which was of course locked and no way in. We finally found the owner and decided to let them stay overnight, since it was getting dusk and they had settled with his cows. Went back this morning and got them, they are now back to where they belong! Yeah! It definitely made for a long day!
Dickie sorting De-tagging

Branding-I was branding "Roo"-he really needs another one! LOL! He has 3 already from the ranch he came from! *this is what the heat does to you! LOL :)

Dickie's team in the doctoring and then my other team in the doctoring! My hat wouldn't stay on-my stampede string had broke! And the announcer Barry Clower from RFD-TV really wanted it, he had been trying to steal it all day!