Thursday, June 19, 2008


Today I had to take "Preacher" and "Angel" to the vet. Of course when I was hooking up it was thundering and looking like it was going to be nasty! Just great, I'm not worried about driving in it, worried about all the other idiots on the road! LOL! So left alittle bit early and it poured all the way there and then misted while we were waiting! So what do you do when you are waiting? Well I heel the little cowgirl, great practice! "Preacher" has to have his hocks injected, the last time we had it done was last November. So he examined him and then injected him. He has recommend Hylagen 60 to be given everyday. Wondering if anyone has ever used it and there thoughts? My little cowgirl loves to take pics and documented it for you all! He rechecked "Angel" and was glad to see the swelling decreasing and said to just keep up what I am doing. Hopefully there isn't going to be too much indention there. She still has alittle bit of scar tissue, but it should just keep dissipating over time. WOO HOO! I was beginning to worry that she was going to have a hump on her neck! I can say we are blessed to have a great vet and someone that I can trust. He takes such great care of our horses! Thanks Dr. Thoni and Dr. Pool! You rock! When we got back home I decided to go ahead and ride "Angel." But decided to torture her alittle with some bareback time! She just loves it, she just stands there! I love her so!
Waiting to turn into the vet! What is it about trailers and kids and dogs??

Injecting "Preacher's" hocks

I look like a frog! LOL! This one just cracks me up! I look like I am doing my idea of Flashdance! I guess all I need is water and not be sticking my tongue out! I wasn't going to post these, but little cowgirl insisted! I figured you all could use a laugh! *And yes I am this goofy all the time!*
**I think that was the movie, can't remember. Where she is on stage and leans back on the chair. **


Mrs Mom said...

LOL Yeah thats the one-- hehehe-- its either that one or Strip Tease..... They had a lean back in the chair scene there too...hehehehe

Glad that things went well at the vets for you guys. And being Goofy is a GOOD thing. Keeps us Sane. (Sort of! hehehe)

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Yayyyy---Another goofy mom. The world doesn't have enough of the good kind of goofy people...way to many of the bad kind of goofy people.

Pony Girl said...

yep, I think it was flashdance! It was good to see you being goofy and having fun!
Glad to hear Angel's neck will only get better. Say, why are Preacher's hocks injected? Just thinking of My Boy and his hock stiffness/beginnings of arthritis. I could NEVER get an injection in his neck every day, but wonder if he might tolerate doing it in the hock more easily? Or is this something a vet must do?

Nonna said...

Looks like you were having lots of fun!

Im so glad Angel is getting better and better and that her neck is going to be fine!

Have a good weekend!

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Love the pictures - you've got a great little photographer there. And somehow I knew you were that silly all the time. hee-hee

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I'm glad little cowgirl insisted on posting those pictures.....I loved seeing them!

Andrea said...

Kids do love horse trailers!! Mine always climb on and around ours too!! Maybe they love to get all poopy?? LOL!! I love that last photo!! :)