Tuesday, June 10, 2008


"Preacher" crossing the creek Tying the goat!

Me and "Angel" coming to the trailer loading

Having a great time on the poles! I knocked one down and squealed. The announcer said I needed extra points for that! So I was cracking up the rest of the pattern!

It has been so busy around here I have not had a chance to post or keep up with each of you! I am trying to play catch up!
I had a Extreme Race on Saturday and took "Angel" & "Preacher." The course was about 1 1/2 long and it had various obstacles including a log drag, pond, creek crossing, jumping deadwood, gate, goat tying, etc. The course was long, so there were not alot of obstacles visible, so not very many pics! My time on "Angel" was 5.2 and on "Preacher" it was a 8.24. I was extremely proud of them both they did every obstacle without hesitation. It was the first one "Preacher" had ever been too, so I didn't push him. It was a great day.
Sunday after church was our June play day. We did the poles, obstacle course and ribbon race. It was alot of fun but hot! I just love the play days and the fun and fellowship we always have!

I hope to be catching up with each of you over the next couple of days! Have a great day!!


Shirley said...

Can't beat a day of having fun on horseback!

Rising Rainbow said...

Goat, you never know what's going to be in these things. Wonder what my guys would think about goat tying. lol

Pony Girl said...

Oh, that sounds like a fun weekend. I would love to try something like that! I'd be worried about the goat tying, though. My Boy would be familiar enough with goats, but I'm not so sure I could tie one, lol! ;)

Mrs Mom said...

Wow you guys have so much fun there. It is really fantastic to read about and see the pics of!

Glad Angel healed up enough from her wound to compete and be good and healthy again too.

Keep the pics coming! LOL

RanchGirl said...

Looks like fun! I miss playdays, we used to go to all the 4-H ones. I wish we had stuff like that for people who are too old for 4-H. :)

kdwhorses said...

It really is alot of fun! I guess I did my first Extreme Race last year and got hooked! I have a big race coming up July 11th in McKinney. It will be at the Cowgirls of Faith Convention!
Playdays are so much fun as well! I really like to see the kids out there playing! Of course I am a big kid at heart myself!
Thanks Mrs. Mom for asking about Angel! She is doing tons better, we still have alittle scar tissue left, but we are getting there. The vet said the best thing is to ride her and keep her flexing so she doesn't become stiff! Wait, that is just great I have orders to ride everyday! WOO HOO!!! I love my saddle time!
I will keep the pictures coming, you all might get tired of them eventually! LOL!

Linda said...

Great pictures!! Glad Angel is doing better.

A Bit Unbridled said...

That looks like amazing fun!

Andrea said...

Oh it looks like so much fun!! I hope you had a great time!! I would love to do stuff like that!! I am in southwest Louisiana, am I too far away?

USAincognito said...

Oh, what fun!!! :) You really do have quite the life being a rancher's wife there down South. :) Wish I could just live on a ranch and be surrounded by horses all day long. *sigh* That would be heaven for me!!

Portraits de chevaux said...

I discover your blog and the way you're living. It's very interesting.

Terra Hangen said...

What a wonderful lifestyle you have that includes horses and a ranch. I grew up riding horses at a local stable, named Sunset and Frosty, so I imagine ranch life is great.