Thursday, October 9, 2008


Earlier this week Shirley over at Ride A Good Horse tagged me with What's In Your Truck? So here is what is in my truck! Pics aren't that great, it was so sunny and the way I was parked the light was bad, but here they are!

Front seat: purse, Ruger (Mrs. Mom you should recognize this!), Little Cowgirls spurs~goat rope~hobbles~and multiple ponytail holders on the gearshift, water, spit cup, Coggins notebook on the other side of the console.

Back seat: camo snack bag, multiple headstalls, reins, tie downs, rope bag, camera case, roping glove, extra clothes.

One little cowgirl! Her blanket is in the window behind her!

What's this! Well he is not technically in my truck, but he was sure nosey when I was un looking this morning!

Now you're probably thinking she doesn't have alot of stuff in there! Well, I have a tool box that I keep alot of extra stuff in! Extra clothes bag for little cowgirl, bungee cords, ropes, chinks, boots, cattle prod, rodeo box, first aid kit, etc, etc. That just barely scratches the surface! Then in the bed of my truck: more ropes (you can never have too many!), clippers, multiple sorting sticks, tire iron, blocks, toy bag, cooler. Think that's about it! Me and hubby did make a deal when we got this truck that we were going to keep it clean and organized. So that is why it isn't too bad. Our old dually Oh lawsie me!


Anonymous said...

I sure smiled a lot when I read this post.

Shirley said...

Well, what you have in your truck sure indicates your lifestyle! Sure you can't fit that donkey in- he looks like he thinks it would be a great idea!ROTFL!

Paige said...

I love how the asses are being featured on so many blogs this week.

The cleanliness of your truck shames me. The man at my house whines about hte condition of my car all the time, but I swear he has me beat six ways to sunday.

I swear I am cleaning them BOTH today

Mikey said...

Looks like a country girls truck to me! I saw the spurs right off, lol.
Coolness! Love the donkey too, lol. Don't leave your doors open, they WILL get in the truck. Trust me.

Patti said...

Cute post and pictures!!

Callie said...

LOL, I'm afraid I'm embarassed by mine. It's spotless right now, but I'm trying to conserve. When I was trailering, I used to have leads, saddles, various bits of tack, horse emergency kit, jackets and boots.

Andrea said...

How much fun!! Tool boxes are great!! I love your little cowgirl sitting in the back seat!! She is too dang cute.

That donkey is hilarious. Have you been tracking him? I have stayed away from my donkeys, since getting bucked off, LOL!!

Fun post! Our truck is empty. We haven't been to a rodeo in a while.

We are going to look at an old roping horse tomorrow!! I am excited. But I am rambling. Sorry!

The Wife said...

Not too bad! Mine is pretty clean. The husband is always getting on to me about the floor board of empty water bottles.

Peace out, Little Cowgirl!

Train Wreck said...

Hey your ass is showing!! LOL!! Yes your truck is pretty tidy! Fun idea!! And Yo Yo little home grown cowgirl!!

Train Wreck said...

Hey your ass is showing!! LOL!! Yes your truck is pretty tidy! Fun idea!! And Yo Yo little home grown cowgirl!!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Without a doubt-a typical cowgirl truck.;)

That one little cowgirl is getting big. Holy cow-she has grown since I started this blogging thing and "met" you.
She riding that donk yet?

My pickup is pretty cleaned out at the moment too-done with the horse shows, rodeos and barrel racings for the season-threw everything back in the trailer and voila-a clean pickup-LOL.

Mrs Mom said...

You go girl! Keep that Ruger close ;)

My truck USED to look like that... Now... dude.. lol...

But I like yours! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the DONKEY!!! Oh Gosh is he ever tooo cute.

Sorry I have been AWOL... its been a rough ROGUH week round here. Things are slowly getting better though.

Oh- hehe-- nice shot in the post below too...hehehehe Nice chinks ;)

Hugs to you and the whole fmaily :)

Anonymous said...

Your truck shows the signs of one busy cowgirl. Ahhh, the life of a ranch wife.... aint it romantic?

Carroll Farm said...

Our truck is the same way. But, the van that holds the kids most of the time is way worse!

JILL said...

Well, I have to say...I don't have any of that in my "truck" - but I love seeing yours! And that little cowgirl is adorable!