Friday, March 7, 2008


Today was Show & Tell at school. Savannah wanted to take our horse bones that we got from San Angelo. I was not sure when they were going to do it, so I tagged each bone for the teacher. Her teacher asked me to do the presentation with Savannah. The kids really enjoyed them and asked alot of questions. Which lead up to the teacher asking me to bring a couple of horses up for Texas week. The kids got really excited about that and a few asked to come home with me! Savannah was quick to respond No, she is MY momma!

Awoke this morning to snow!! Savannah was so excited I let her go outside and play alittle before we got ready for school! I knew it would quit before she would be home and didn't want her to miss out!


Midlife Mom said...

What fun taking the bones to school! I bet you did have a lot of takers to come home with you!! You got some snow 'eh?! Alright!! Want me to bring my snowmobile over and we'll go for a spin!!

Linda said...

That's not snow! That's what we call a SKIFF of snow:)
What's it like being ON show and tell?

Rising Rainbow said...

I think it's cute Savannah thought they were trying to take you over. lol

Mikey said...

Lol, tooo cool! I love horse bones! Those look really nice!
I heard TX was getting the snow. Wow. Brrrrrrr!

USAincognito said...

All I have to say is, you are an AMAZING MOMMA!!! Your children are so proud to have you as their momma that they don't even want anyone else having a shot at you! That is a HUGE compliment! :)
I wish I could reach thru cyberspace and give you a big hug for doing all that you do for your children. I wish more parents loved their children as much as you do!!

Nonna said...

I dont blame Savannah for not wanting to share her mommy!! She is such a cutie! I bet you had a great time doing Show and Tell with your daughter!!

Anonymous said...

Your little girl is so cute. Great to have a Mum who does her show and tell with her.

Carroll Farm said...

I love the bones for show-n-tell idea. My girls would get a kick out of that. :)

Tracey said...

I'll bet that was a blast to bring a dead horse to school! I know Darling wishes she still had show and tell for stuff like that :)

BarnGoddess said...

how cool, horse bones....very interesting.

oh my snow!!! I bet y'all loved it :)

enjoy it!

my spring flowers are coming up.

Jen said...

My aunt got stuck in Fort Worth because of this :0(
Very nice pics of Savannah and the bones.
Have a blessed week cowgirl :0)
I haven't had much time for blogging lately so I apologize if i'm far absent.