Thursday, January 10, 2008


Here are pardners in crime, Savannah & "Shelby Lynn!" Before I snapped this picture, they were running on top of the hay bales having a great time! Then husband says, "Get off of the hay!" Oops, busted! You can see Savannah's facial expression, do I smile or cry!! It is windy here today and they are calling for some showers this afternoon. Hope you all have a great and blessed day!


desi said...

i like that piture, its cute and of course i live in wisconsin and i love the horse piture 2 !=)


Tracey said...

That's cute! I hate when I get caught in the act as well. Always a hard call on which emotion will get the best reaction.

USAincognito said... cute! :)
I am sure they were having a blast on the hay before they were busted! ;)

Jen said...

awww that is so cute! Hay is meant for kids to play on ;0)
Thanks for the words of encouragement. Usually if I get discouraged with anything with the ranch my hubs gives me a swift kick and then i push on..then i get it...then i laugh..then he shakes his head lol. I'll tell you what though...roping is harder than it looks..but wow you make it look great! My husband grew up in Diboll. He then migrated to Waller (outside Houston). We live in California since he is a Marine. But in true Texan form is making it out here in hippie land lol. He trains horses, does farrier work and also works for a cattle ranch. Never a dull moment and I love it! We visit back home frequently. We will be there again in March.
I have to say you are my new favorite blog! great stuff.

Jen :0)

Nonna said...

Oh too bad they got busted when the were having so much fun!!Your daughter is so cute and pretty!!

Anonymous said...

Nice shot. I enlarged it and the details are great.

Mikey said...

They are adorable!!! Sure wish we lived closer, boy we'd have some fun!!!

Jen said...

Hey Kris!

How cool you're going to see him too :0)
My horse skills are nowhere near the girl in the videos...I'd like to try it though just for kicks. Where are y'all at in East TX ?
Hopefully it won't be too many years before we can come back! I don't know if California can handle my husband much longer haha. I was also lookin' at y'alls church..that's neat. Ours is allot bigger which we don't like but the message is unbeatable..our pastor is great :0)
Have a great weekend! I'm prayin' for sunshine so I can ride !!

Midlife Mom said...

Hi Kris! We always got in trouble on my grandfather's farm for jumping in the hay! Then we'd go right back and do it some more, just part of farm life! Your daughter is so cute! What a great picture! Thanks for stopping by and come again soon!!

Kathy C said...

My kids LOVE jumping on the round bales as they dry in the driveway. Even at ages 15 and 12. They always get yelled at though, just not by me.

Very cute picture!