Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our latest addition to the family!!!

"Shelby", "Angel" and me. We were at a pasture roping and she rode around with me for some of the day, she had a blast!
I guess I better explain this picture!! I was calling Savannah the other day and she was not coming, she called me and said she couldn't come. So I go to investigate and this is what I came upon! She said she was putting "Shelby" in puppy time out and she wound up in the crate to!! I couldn't resist the picture. We have now gotten a much bigger crate for the puppy since she is going to be about 40 pounds.

Here is our latest addition to the family!! Her name is "Shelby" and she is a 3 1/2 month Australian Shepherd puppy. She is a Red Merle (which is what they call her coloring) and she has blue flecks in both of her eyes. We have been without a dog for almost a year now and I have missed having one. My husband has been looking for me one, since our daughter will be starting school soon. He wants me to have a companion while she is at school, so I do not get lonely! How sweet, I have such a wonderful thoughtful husband! Savannah is really looking forward to starting school, I am glad she is excited about it. We will definitely be starting a whole new season of life together! "Shelby" has been with our family for about 2 weeks now and is adjusting very well. Actually she is already quiet spoiled! (but like my husband says, what animal around our place isn't!!!!!) She has already been to church, ranch rodeos, grandmas, even ridden with me on my horse!! She is very smart and is picking up real fast! I have had several Aussies and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I am looking forward to having her in our home! Welcome "Shelby!!!"

Friday, July 6, 2007

Our Aquarium Blessing

Our new tank-our aquarium blessing. I am a member of a website called East Texas Trade/buy cycle. It is a great website, that emails out items for sale, trade, etc. in the East Texas area. We have a small tank (2.5 gallons) with our Betta fish "Sally" and a apple snail "Nell" in it. I have always wanted a bigger tank, but after pricing how much everything was, we knew we would have to wait. Well, a couple of weeks ago I received a email about a 29 gallon tank with all the accessories and the fish for sale. It was a great deal, so off we went to Lake Palestine to pick up the tank and things. When we got there they already had the tank tore down and the fish in a container for the ride home. We headed back home and then I started setting the tank back up. I am proud to say all the fish have survived there move and are doing very well. I have added new plants and a aeration system to the tank. And Savannah wants to add some tetras to the tank as well, I told her we needed to wait a few weeks before adding new fish. Currently in the tank we have 4 angelfish (2 smaller and 2 larger), 2 blue gouramis (i think) and a very large pleco (sucker fish). The pleco is all of the length of your hand. I tried to get a picture of him, but he never comes out when I have the camera! If you look through the rock, you can see him on the back of the tank. Anyway, they have been fun to watch and relaxing as well. They each have there very own personality, they are really funny to watch at times. I love sharing God's creatures with my daughter, it is such a blessing. "Then God said. "Let the waters swarm with fish and other life...So God created great sea creatures and every living thing that scurries and swarms in the water..." Genesis 1:20-21. Thank you God for creating such beautiful creatures!