Friday, September 21, 2007


Football is here! Our son is playing this year on the JV team for our high school. He is #73. They did a great job last night and won there game. We have been blessed that he has moved closer to us and is going to the same school district as his little sister. In the past, they have lived out of town and with him here, we get to see him more and be involved in his sports. Yeah! My husband has said they have created a monster with me! Being as I am always at Savannah's school and have started helping the moms booster club with the football team. We get together every Tuesday night and decorate the locker room and there lockers. It is a fun way to be involved and meet new people. That is right up my alley! I know I have been blessed to be able to stay at home and be involved with our children. We are proud of you son! Way to go Tigers!!!


Jennifer said...

Fun! I'm so glad he has moved closer to you guys.

Nehemiah and Mordecai started flag football last weekend and they love it! We're not ready for full pads, yet! By we, I mean mom and dad...the boys are probably ready!!! :-)

Qtpies7 said...

My boys are Tigers, too! We live in Minnesota, though. I have 2 in football right now.
It is fun to watch them play.

nickernoodle said...

I love football!!! We just had our homecoming and the kids had a blast at the game. We kicked butt too, 47-14. Yeah, it was a good night!!!

USAincognito said...

So glad football season is here!! :)