Monday, December 29, 2008


Christmas morning~she was not wanting to pose for the camera~!

She was so excited~she got what she asked for! FYI~only the stocking at our house is from Santa, everything else is from us. She got her little cricket rifle, gun case and bullets to go with it.

We had to wait a couple of days due to the weather to take her and let her shoot it. Let me just say we are proud of her. She wasn't all over the place, it will just take her some time to get used to the sights. I will say this is a nice little beginner gun. Very lightweight, no kick and easy for her to handle. I don't think I started on a gun like that!

She was having so much fun!! Of course we took our 22, my pistol and several shotguns to shoot. Hubby even pulled out the skeet thrower and we did that as well. It has been awhile since we have shot skeet. We all had a great time.

Hope everyone had a great and blessed Christmas and hope and pray that your New Year will be filled with many blessings.


Andrea said...

What an awesome little gun. And is that gun pink to boot?!! So neat!! She looks like a pro already. I am glad you all had a great Christmas!!

The Wife said...

How awesome is a pink gun! I think she needs some bling on the stock though. ;o)

Need to find ya some wedgie free undies. They really do work!

And thanks for the kind words! Glad to have all you blogger buddies out there!

Mikey said...

Oh my goodness! It IS pink!!
Ok, now i want one.
I was just out trying my "fixed" 22 rifle. Not fixed. Clip falls out after one shot. Ugh. But then I found my little BB pistol, and we had big discussion on teaching our little one how to shoot.
Looks like you're right on target (lol, no pun intended) I think it's super important to teach them young.
Will say prayers for your mare, I hear ya on that. Always tough to have a good horse go in for surgery. Fingers crossed it goes well!

gtyyup said...

WoW...a pink gun!! She looks like a natural too!

Glad your Christmas was fun.

Midlife Mom said...

O my goodness, she really looks like she is a pro! I haven't done any shooting for a long time and really miss it! I used to be able to outshoot Hubby but those days are probably over! haha!

Broken Y said...

What fun for her! Every good cowgirl needs to know how to handle a gun!!

Shooting skeet is a fav past time around here . . . we don't get to do it much either!

Glad your Christmas was Merry!

Shirley said...

Attaboy, girl! she looks like a natural.
What is going on with your mare? Hope it's not serious!

Patti said...

She is just so cute!! What a fun Christmas you all had!!

Happy New Year!!

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

What a fun boys got 22's this year and oh what fun we had shootin hedge apples on the creek bank all afternoon! I think they would still be there if we didn't force them to go home! Looks like a nice day there..we had sun and WIND but it wasn't too bad! Take Care.

Leslie said...

It is great to see parents teaching their children how to properly and safely use a gun! :)

Ranch Diva Rachel said...

That is fabulous! And adorable...