BLACKJACK LAND & CATTLE COMPANY: Savannah's Rodeo Series '06

Monday, January 1, 2007

Savannah's Rodeo Series '06

Savannah was in a rodeo series from August till December-Ranch Cowboy Rodeo Association-Pee Wee Ranch Rodeo. She did a great job and we are real proud of her and "Pesky." They are a great team. It was a great thing to watch our children grow in there horsemanship and riding. It was also a great time for fun and fellowship. They won great prizes at the finals in December-a belt buckle, spilt reins, headstall with a handmade buckle, wild rag and a coat. I have attached a few pics from the rodeo, most of ours came out to dark, because of the lighting in the arena. Her and Michael trying to stay warm at the finals!! We had to wait for the older age group to get done before the awards were handed out. Her getting ready to rope, she caught several times, way to go Savannah!! Me and my girl Angie!! We are having a great time!! Our husbands asked us if we could smile anymore!!! Savannah penning the cows!! We had a awesome season and are already ready for the next series!!

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Anonymous said...

Good pictures, none of mine came out that good.